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  • Creative design agency Sharpener partners with iconic beverage brand Jimmy’s Cocktails for rebranding

    Published on October 27, 2021

    Mumbai : Sharpener, a creative design agency based in Mumbai has partnered with iconic beverage brand Jimmy’s Cocktails for rebranding. Through the engagement, Sharpener will support Jimmy’s Cocktails in bringing out the brand’s qualities into their packaging and design.

    Commenting on the engagement, Hetal Ajmera and Bianca Bianca D’sa Vincent, Founders, Sharpener, said “Jimmy’s Cocktails is an iconic beverage brand helping Indians to #BringTheBarHome. A cocktail is not just a beverage but rather a journey. With their flavors and aromas, ingredients that go well together engulf all your senses. You go into the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, to a whimsical and fantastical place. Jimmy’s Cocktails has taken this experience, made it a thousand times better, and put it in a bottle. However, even though their products were distinct, their identity required a fresh and unique approach that would give the brand a higher recall value. Sharpener stepped in and decided to turn the real into the surreal and bring out all these brand qualities into their packaging and design.”

    There were three key factors that were considered  – The first was their product’s authenticity and originality. To represent this, the team chose unique aesthetic elements and designed them in a way that made the business identifiable. Secondly, the colour palette Sharpener decided upon needed to be bold and fun. The creative agency picked out a combination of tropical and jewel tones, pairing them with bold lettering. The items that make a cocktail were the inspiration behind –  Verdant leaves, chartreuse lemons, cardinal tomatoes, magenta berries. Pour it and blend it, and what you get is a burst of hues, when you #BringTheBarHome. This led to the mix-and-match aspect of it all. By using numerous artistic instruments and creating a collage of dreamlike and playful images, the essence of a cocktail was brought out. The colours lent a spirit to the form, making sure that the beauty caught the eye of the beholder. Jimmy’s Cocktails is one of a kind, and this comes through via a medley of lavish art styles and pops of colour, coupled with a contrast of negative space and minimalistic fonts. Their products set them apart, and now, their visual elements do, too!

    Sharpener is the brainchild of Hetal Ajmera and Bianca D’sa Vincent. Launched with a vision to give creative representation to an idea, Sharpener works towards achieving the right balance between idea and design. With. a rooted belief in the power of creativity, Bianca and Hetal proudly call themselves ‘Designers by Design’’. Seven years into delivering some award-winning projects, the stars at Sharpener have worked with some of the best names in the industry – Lodha, Anushka Sharma’s Nush, Hotstar, OYO, Marico, Airtel amongst others.


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