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Creatorshala: An All in One Platform to Build Your Content Creating Career

Creatorshala is a social platform where you can create your own content and showcase your talent. This is an amazing platform for social media influencers, bloggers and content creators. You can share your content through any form and post it on our platform.

This platform helps you to increase your followers/subscribers and get notified by many brands. Here, the users can share their content and get attention from various brands across India and also collaborate with them.

Creatorshala.com has various interesting communities like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food, travel, luxury, technology, music etc. We have the android and iOS versions of the app.

You can join our platform by just signing up to the website (www.creatorshala.com) /or by installing the app. After signing in you can choose the fields you are interested in and you can choose to be a part of community which you are interested in.

Sign Up/Sign In

You need to sign up if you are a new user by filling the basic details about you

If you are already an existing user of Creatorshala you can directly sign in with your e-mail/mobile number and your password.

Your Profile

Your profile page helps you to track the number of followers and check your messages.

You can also edit your profile by adding your profile and over picture to attract the people.

The list of categories that you have chosen will appear on the profile page.

You can also add a short description about yourself to give the people a short idea about yourself.

You can link your Instagram, YouTube and other social accounts which helps the people following you, to know more about you and follow you there as well.

Get Featured

The creators are divided into 5 categories.

Campus creator- If you are a beginner on any social media platform, you will get featured under unique creator

Rising creator- If you have more than 10k subscribers or followers on any platform, you will get featured under unique creator

Unique creator- If you have more than 50k subscribers or followers on any platform, you will get featured under unique creator

Super creator- If you are a verified user, then you will be featured under super creator

Celebrity creator-If you are well-known celebrity in the industries other than content creating, you will be featured under celebrity creator.

You can also collaborate with our content team and get your work featured on social media pages and websites.


All the contents that you have posted in the past can be viewed on the contents page .You can also view trending topics and fellow contents on public contents page.


Do you like checking the reviews before buying a product from a specific brand?

Check the reviews of the products that you are interested to buy and you can give the reviews of the products that you have used.


There are multiple ongoing campaigns. You can apply by clicking on “my campaign” section on your Creatorshala profile. You can easily collaborate with the brands by signing up with the ongoing campaigns You will get paid within 15 days after the campaign.

 It is that simple!

This is a best place to get the collaborations with some amazing brands.

This helps the people notified about the brands through your content and you will get paid for it.

Isn’t that great?

Now you know what to do.

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