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    CRED to Reward One Creditworthy Taxpayer with 100% of their FY2019-20 Income Tax

    Published on January 29, 2021

    CRED, a high-trust community of individuals, brands, and institutions, plans to ease financial anxiety on the day of the Union Budget 2021 by rewarding trustworthy individuals who pay their credit card bills during the Budget Session on CRED. With the Session falling right in the middle of the average credit card payment cycle, the initiative is aimed at incentivising timely bill payments with the ultimate reward – getting back the amount paid in taxes and nation-building. 

    The opportunity is open to every Indian citizen with a credit score over 750, who is eligible to be a CRED member and had filed their taxes for FY 2019-2020. All Indians can download the CRED app to check their score instantly. Once their score is retrieved from third-party credit bureaus, they can save their credit card details in advance. All it takes to win is payment of the credit card bill through CRED on the day of the Union Budget (February 01, 2021), via Netbanking or UPI. CRED will notify one lucky winner by February 2, 2021 and reward them with 100% of their FY 2019-20 tax up to INR 10,00,000.   

    This opportunity is one of several incentives that CRED has set up to encourage timely bill payment and responsible financial behaviour, in order to create a high-trust, high-performance community. From reminders to rewards, CRED helps its members maintain and improve their relationship with money, turning credit card due dates into opportunities for delight rather than dread. 

    These rewards include once-in-a-lifetime experiences, made-for-CRED products from top brands, special financial products created by credible banks just for trustworthy CRED members, and more.