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  • Cricket Discussions in Modern India

    Published on September 26, 2023

    “Instead of choosing to field, India should have batted first.” “Agree, and they should’ve surprised the opposition by opening with Yuvraj Singh.” “I think Tendulkar should retire from the shorter format of the game.” “No way, he still is the backbone of the Indian batting.” “India lacked a fast bowler who could have hit the deck hard and extracted some bounce.” “We always rely on spin far too much.”

    There was a time when such conversations were heard at ‘Chai’ shops, or in parks and local trains the morning after an India game, after all, sports has always been a collective experience. Everyone likes to speak about it and express their opinions. Thanks to their passion for the game, they even like to debate about it and are ready to go to any lengths to back their words. 

    The Thrill of Engaging ‘Live’

    However, with the advent of technology and viewers of the game spending more and more time on the internet, these conversations have now shifted from offline to online – a fact established by the fact that the digital rights of IPL 2023 fetched a higher bid than the TV rights. They like to talk about the game as it happens. The thrill of engaging ‘live’ gives them a different high. Things can be assessed in real time and their outcomes too can be evaluated on the go; one doesn’t have to wait for the next day. This way, the excitement of watching a game of cricket has gone on to the next level.

    This has given rise to various cricketing apps that provide a platform for viewers to not only engage with their peers but also with the experts of the game. Viewers can connect with them directly and learn the intricacies of the game firsthand. These apps also provide them with detailed match previews and reviews that discuss everything from team strategies to players’ form and from the weather conditions to head-to-head profiles. Users flock to these platforms for the latest news around player injuries and team changes to off-field controversies and announcements. They also have interactive features like polls and quizzes that allow a user to test their cricketing knowledge.

    Fantasy Gaming and Online Betting in Cricket

    The other rewarding avenues this trend has given rise to are fantasy gaming and online betting. Users no longer want to be mere spectators and want to get more involved and make the most of their cricketing knowledge. They want to add an extra layer of entertainment to the sport they love. The joy of winning something along with following your passion / watching a game is unparalleled. It also gives users an opportunity to showcase support for their favourite teams or players by putting their money where their heart is. For fantasy, one can visit apps like Dream11, MPL, My11Circle, etc., while for online betting, one can always rely on Betindia.

    These transformations have certainly made the experience of watching a game of cricket more lively and engaging. Digital organisations that are in this business have to be on their toes and keep updating their offerings to ensure that the fans don’t switch to other platforms. The rapid pace at which these things are happening, it won’t be wrong to say that this is just the beginning.


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