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  • Cryptocurrencies are going to take over the financial world big time, says entrepreneur Slavi Kutchoukov

    Published on September 12, 2021

    The potential it carries has encouraged him to come up with his own version named ‘Slavicoin’ which will hit the markets soon.

    The growth of cryptocurrencies has been observed since the past few years since it debuted in the financial markets. It has shown tremendous promise despite the falling economic situation, which was gripped by the global pandemic. Even during such trying times, the value of digital assets were on the rise as these are the most growing type of financial instrument which is considered to be safe even against inflation and market volatility which can demolish the financial structure of the globe. Of late many public companies have been converting their balance sheets into digital assets, which is something new for the markets and has never been observed earlier. 

    The credibility of cryptocurrencies spurted when big names like Square, which is an American payments company, bought Bitcoins valued at $50 million, which was followed by Microstrategy – a public listed company in the US, which converted $425 million worth of it’s cash reserves into Bitcoin, as they found it to be the best investment option for the future. When some of the world’s biggest names like Tesla followed suit, the trust of people in this space increased manifold. Now, many big companies are associating themselves with digital currencies, the latest being PayPal which has announced the acceptance of digital currencies on its platform and now has cryptocurrencies on its checkout step, which proves how big it could grow in the future.

    As many big companies and private investors are adapting to this change and accepting digital currencies, many countries are gradually trying to regulate the market by making it a legal exchange. Japan, USA, Germany and a few more countries have already stepped in and are incorporating digital assets in their legal structure. Ace entrepreneur Slavi Kutchoukov, from Germany, who is an established real estate businessman and a successful fashion entrepreneur in the UK and UAE markets has also taken up the growing trend and introduced his own one of its kind digital currency named ‘Slavicoin’, which is ready to hit the markets shortly

    “As digital currency is the future, ‘Slavicoin’ will be achieving a strong position in the market once it is launched and will emerge as the fastest growing digital asset the industry has ever seen,” concludes Slavi Kutchoukov.


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