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    Cupid Games: During & Post Pandemic

    Published on March 2, 2021

    Living in a connected world, deep down all of us still envision having a partner by our side. In 2020 with the entrance of the pandemic, we were locked inside our homes and were surrounded with negativity which made us anxious, dull, and gloomy. However, in terms of the dating arena, it led to an increase in people resorting to online dating platforms to fight loneliness. They were looking for a way out to seek solace in the traumatic times and the dating platforms seemed to be the best resort. QuackQuack, a leading online dating app, released a survey report highlighting the similar trend and the shift in the members’ usage during the pandemic period and the post-pandemic times. The survey results depict that the users are all the more active in the present, that is the post-COVID-19 times especially females.

    The report further states that a user on an average used to spend 18 minutes on the platform during COVID-19 times. However, there has been a 66% increase and users now spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the QuackQuack app. Additionally, when the virus was at its peak, the users accessed the app throughout the day at short and regular intervals. On the contrary, now with the unlocking and working with the new norms, the community members are able to manage time and spend a major chunk of their night and mid-night time on the platform. The dating app’s report also states that there has been a 30% increase in the logins on the platform during the night time especially post 9 PM as opposed to the pandemic nights.

    During the COVID times, a female user used to swipe right 5 profiles and used to skip 95 out of the 100 available options. In the present unlock times, the female user on an average goes ahead with 9 profiles and skips 91 profiles. There has been an 80% spike in swiping right of the profiles by the females. However, a male user presently likes 41 profiles and skips 59 out of the 100 available profiles.

    The report further states that there has been an 11 percent increase in the amount of new female usage of the app when compared to the spiking pandemic times. QuackQuack also witnessed a surge in sign-ups with May 2020 having signups from 821 cities on the platform. Until January 2021, the community rose to have signups from 2339 cities and there was a significant 184% surge in signups from newer cities. The users were accessing the platform from various cities and towns across the nation. This increase of 1500 new geographies pan India is a remarkable trend and was not witnessed until this year.

    ‘’Despite a never-wracking 2020, Indians have not lost their hope to find the love of their life. Their search for finding the perfect partner was in full swing even in the COVID-19 times. However, now with the new normal in the post-pandemic era, our survey clearly shows that the users increasingly invest their time and efforts on the partner scouting process. It is indeed heartwarming to come across the fact that people at the pan India level are enthusiastic about finding their love and dedicatedly spend their time on our platform in the hope of finding the right person. This depicts that dating apps are indeed a saving grace considering the present traumatic times.’’, said Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO, QuackQuack.

    The users prefer chatting and video calling to connect with prospective partners. They are active and interact with the preferable profiles throughout day and night as per their convenience and timings.

    Online dating not only distracted the users from the negative emotions when the pandemic struck but also gave them a support system to sail through the tough times. The pandemic and post-COVID-19 times depict changes in the member usage of the online dating platform. The report further supports the fact that the dating scenario in India is picking up the pace and seems to have a promising future. Love indeed seems to be blossoming despite the toxic and taxing times thereby showing that love surpasses all the restrictions!