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CurieDoc Unveils Free App for Parents to obtain Health Care plan for children at home

During the pandemic when we want to stay at home and avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital, we often search on the web for a symptom that the child is facing and are overwhelmed with the available health information.

In order to solve this problem a Startup called CurieDoc which is based in T-Hub,  (a startup incubator by Telangana Govt) is working alongside with the best doctors and experts to provide a free holistic health care plan for most common symptoms from their home and thereby avoiding unnecessary visits to the hospital.

Prahalad Reddy and Pravishanth Reddy who after studying and working in UK for over 9 years, returned back to India and have started working on this startup after facing the problem themselves. Family and friends started using the app and were appreciative of the holistic care plan provided.

KTR who was on a visit to T-Hub, Gachibowli on Wednesday, spoke to Prahalad Reddy who is the founder of the startup and reviewed the app personally and tweeted on his twitter account to help bring awareness. KTR also commended on the progress the startup has made and offered all necessary support from the Telangana Government.

Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary (Telangana Govt.) who was also on a visit to T-Hub, appreciated the initiative by the startup and advised to reach out to their team for any assistance.

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