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  • Custom Development or WordPress Theme – What works best for Affiliate Marketing

    Published on May 17, 2024

     Business strategies are constantly changing, providing various opportunities to connect with audiences and increase profits. In recent years, affiliate marketing has become a popular method for businesses looking to broaden their audience and enhance earnings. Affiliates promote products for companies with the goal of generating leads, traffic, or sales and often delivering a positive return on investment. Recent data from IAMAI and Kantar shows that spending on affiliate marketing in India is currently around 331 Million USD, with projections suggesting it will surpass 420 Million USD by 2025.

    With India ranking among the top 10 countries globally for affiliate marketing, there is significant potential for further expansion in the country. However, achieving sales growth through affiliate marketing requires a thoughtful approach. Businesses must navigate the landscape to identify the right partners and platforms for their affiliate marketing programs. This often leads marketers to consider whether to create a custom website or utilize WordPress.

    While a custom website might seem like the ideal choice, its steep development costs can deter many marketers, especially those just starting out. Allocating a large portion of the budget to website development leaves less room for vital promotional activities. Moreover, the time investment for custom development is significant and the technical aspect needed to build and upkeep a custom site often necessitates hiring a skilled coder, adding another layer of complexity and expense. On the flip side, WordPress emerges as a smart choice for affiliate marketing, especially for those in the e-commerce industry.

    How does WordPress help the Affiliate Marketers?

    Quick Start with WordPress – Using a WordPress theme for affiliate marketing offers a swift launch, allowing marketers to invest more time in understanding and adjusting to the market. WordPress proves surprisingly user-friendly, boasting a simple dashboard with diverse menu options for creating posts, customizing website design, and adding navigation menus. It provides a seamless experience for website maintenance, with regular updates enhancing functionality and security, easily installed with a single click.

    Affordable and Flexible – WordPress themes offer easy customization options, allowing business owners to adjust colors, headers, and layouts without hiring a developer. WordPress is a budget-friendly platform and can establish an online presence without expensive costs, which is especially valuable for newcomers to affiliate marketing.

    Themes and Plugins – Choosing a WordPress theme crafted by seasoned affiliate marketers ensures access to industry expertise without overlooking essential best practices. These themes are adaptable, catering to diverse website types, and easily tailored to align with the brand’s aesthetics. With WordPress, users have access to an array of plugins, offering solutions for various needs making it a comprehensive platform for affiliate marketing endeavors.

    SEO Ranking – Using a WordPress theme for affiliate marketing brings built-in SEO benefits. WordPress themes come equipped with basic SEO features, and marketers can easily enhance them with numerous available SEO plugins. These plugins further optimize the website for search engines, boosting its visibility to potential customers.

    According to Kamil Khan, CTO & Director of Sellergize, “Using a WordPress theme for affiliate marketing offers a vital advantage. WordPress is highly customizable, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly, making it perfect for various affiliate marketing purposes like coupons, price comparison, and more. Platforms like Clipmydeals provide tailored themes with essential features for affiliate websites, continuously updating to align with industry trends. WordPress is a cost-effective solution for high-functioning coupon, product, and cashback sites, enabling affiliate marketers to earn commissions effortlessly. It’s a budget-friendly approach empowering marketers to generate revenue by facilitating product sales for other companies.”

    Since affiliate marketing focuses on performance for improved leads and ROI, utilizing pre-optimized themes and plugins streamlines the process. Additionally by pairing this with digital marketing strategies like content creation, SEO and social media, it increases brand visibility, draws targeted traffic, and generates valuable leads.


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