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  • Cuttlfish, self-defence and fitness startup introduced an online course to stay safe in cabs

    Published on July 15, 2019

    Gurgaon:  Cuttlfish, fitness and self-defence startup has started offering a unique scientifically designed online course to promote Safety in Cabs. The course uses practical insights, showcases, and several re-created scenarios to make it easy for people to stay safe with the right knowledge in cabs. However, increasing incidents of misshaping with both men and women, the need for the course was a must. The course covers all aspects of staying safe in a Cab, starting from
    practices before entering a cab, to what to do during a ride and then practical examples of how to handle a driver that goes out of control.

    Cuttlfish asks users to view the course modules- which are created using simulated scenarios and let them answer
    the questions based on the knowledge they have gained through the videos. Upon completion of all the answers to
    the required number of questions, one can also earn a course completion certificate. This knowledge will help men and women to stay safe while travelling in cabs. Apart from the precautions and basic safety principles.

    This course also provides self-defence for specific scenarios that are based on basic biomechanics. These can be applied by a weaker person against a strong person/ cab driver as well.

    Mr Shikher Gupta, Founder, Cuttlfish said, “Cuttlfish has been offering self-defence and fitness workshops to various corporates and one thing which regularly comes out is the need to stay safe in cabs. Thus, we created this course after gathering a lot of inputs from travellers, victims, and even cab drivers to offer practical knowledge to help people stay safe
    during their cab rides.”

    Travelling in cabs had not just become an easier mode of transport but something which is a mandate in today’s urban life, be it going for work or leisure. However, along with the high usage of cabs, the crime and incident of mishaps in the cabs were also rising. Cuttlfish had carefully studied and created a scientific course that is helping ones to easily understand the possible scenarios and what it takes to stay safe in a cab.

    Mr Yashpal Singh Kalsi, Chief Trainer, Cuttlfish said, “This course covers the knowledge needed before entering a cab, during a ride and also explores what to do in the case a driver goes errand, the techniques shown are based on the principles of biomechanics and combines the gathered data points, which makes it simple so that even a weaker person can perform these against a stronger driver”