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  • DaMENSCH Celebrates Men Comfortable in their #TrueShades, this Season of Colour

    Published on March 21, 2022

    • The men’s apparel brand promises comfort and has expanded the brand experience to various conversations that impact men
    • Sriram, a 17 year old dark skinned model and Shivaji, founder of Vitiligo India are featured in the campaign

    New Delhi: – DaMENSCH, a men’s premium essential wear brand, launched its campaign #TrueShades featuring men with different shades of skin to talk about getting comfortable in your own skin.

    With this campaign, the brand brings to fore how men are also on the receiving end of unwanted attention and sometimes trolling on social media when they don’t abide by the conventional beauty standards.

    Commenting on the concept behind putting this campaign together, Deepti Karthik, Senior Vice President Marketing, DaMENSCH said, “Holi is a festival of colours but it’s not enough to embrace colours only on one day of the year. With this campaign we want to inspire embracing #TrueShades every day of the year. We want to celebrate men who come in all colours of light, dark and in-between and share their narrative to talk about how men also bear the brunt of discrimination based on their skin colour. This campaign is an attempt to make men comfortable in their own skin, which in essence are their #TrueShades.”

    The campaign narrates four unique stories of men, who have chosen their #TrueShades and are comfortable in their skin.

    Sriram, is a model and fashion influencer who started creating content at the age of 17. Within one year, his fan base has grown more than 10 times. Despite online trolling, abusive comments, negative slurs, Sriram is comfortable in his skin, and proudly reveals his #TrueShades by being a self-portrait photographer.

    Shivaji, a content creator, a brand building expert and founder of Vitiligo India, has dedicated his life to raising awareness around the less talked about skin condition. From hating his own reflection in a mirror to being proud of his Vitiligo, Shivaji is today comfortable in his skin, and proudly reveals his #TrueShades through his social media profiles.

    Clifr, is a music producer and singer who faced negative comments for his passion and struggled through self-confidence issues for simply having a dark and acne-prone skin. From being self-doubtful and conscious, Clifr is today comfortable in his skin, and proudly reveals his #TrueShades through his genre-fluid music.

    Karan, is the world’s first fully modified athlete. He was bullied for being ‘light-weight’, for a funny look, for not being a ‘man’. Today, he’s a celebrity with 100k+ followers and Karan is 100% comfortable in his skin, and proudly reveals his #TrueShades through his skin-modifications and tattoo art.


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