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  • If you are going to be visiting Budapest, you can be sure to find some great nightlife in the city.  When you are looking for some great Dance Clubs in Budapest, you will not need to look far to find the best ones.  All around Budapest, you will find nightclubs offering free entry with great deals on drinks and excellent music.  The clubs that do charge an entrance fee only ask about $2-$6 per person, and this is only when the top DJs are playing.  It is certainly worthwhile to visit one of the clubs when these DJs are playing because it brings a great atmosphere to the club and you also get to spend a night dancing to records mixed by the best in the industry.  For people staying in Budapest apartments or hotels, the nightlife experience that they will get is far cheaper than that that they are likely to experience if they are staying in apartments in Krakow, and compared to those in a London apartment, this Budapest nightlife is considerably cheaper by far.

    When you are venturing out to Dance clubs in Budapest, you have many options.  Why not start the night gently and then build up to something bigger?  The Menta Terasz is a beautiful and relaxing venue, which has its own dance club, as well as relaxing and beautiful gardens, a lounge and even its own kitchen to serve food.  Whilst the food is mainly international to appeal to the tourist clientele of the venue, you will be able to enjoy a little Hungarian good too if you wish.

    One of the largest clubs is called Club White Angel.  It is located close to Hajogyari Sziget and it has been known to regularly reinvent itself in order to attract more people.  It can hold about 2000 people at any one time and it is constantly busy.  The décor of this club has been designed with care, and you will no doubt enjoy the modern vibe and hip feel of this dance club.

    During the summer months in Budapest, there are few nicer pleasures than enjoying the warm summer air in an open-air club, and the great new is that Budapest has plenty of these venues for you to choose from.  Some places such as Kerts are little more than a small beer garden where music is blasted out at the partygoers.  Larger venues however include Buddha beach and Rio, which are far larger and heated to make them warmer and overall more pleasant to be in than the Kerts.

    No matter which dance club you choose in Budapest, you can be sure to have an excellent time with a completely different experience than you would find anywhere else in the world.

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