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  • Dave Sidhu : Did Variety of Work in Films, but Now It Seems That I Will Play a Long Innings in Direction

    Published on July 31, 2021

    My mother passed away when I was one year old. I used to live at Nani’s place. When I came back from Nani’s house, I used to stay with my uncle Kuldeep Sidhu who is a community singer. Although most of the family members are government employees, everyone has joined the media or some type of performing art as a hobby. When I was in Punjab, every day a gathering of artists used to occur, we used to interact with the professionals of the field. In those days, the Mahashakti Kala Natya Mela used to be held; I used to perform in it by doing Mimicry.  

    Sidhu has worked as an actor in the Indo-Australian production Hindi feature film ‘Pareshan Parinda,’ which was released in the year 2018. In this film directed by Devesh Pratap Singh, he not only acted as an important character but also as a casting director.

    Sidhu Ji cheerfully stated, “Acting ka keedha bachpan se tha, I loved to see myself and who does not.”

    Unlike other people’s hobbies, Sidhu Ji turned towards cinema. In the initial days, he saved his pocket money and started investing it into the production of music videos. There was not enough money for a professionally produced work to be prepared, but after meeting friends, making videos with ‘jugaad-tugaad’ and that process never stopped. He did the casting of Parishan Parinda, as he had been skilled at making community connections and had good relations in Australia with artists.

    I thought I was perfect for the role of Rohan, who is Neil’s friend. Thus I decided to debut in the feature film. I have tried it all, assisted, worked as the crew, got casted, acted too, but now I enjoy directing; now the focus is on the direction.

    His recent directorial documentary ‘The Oneness’ (a short documentary film on Indo-Australian people) was very well received by the audience. It focused on the history of the Indo-Australian diaspora. It includes several references and instances from the History of Indian Australians. It also includes historically accurate information about the Uttarpara Jaykrishna Public Library, West Bengal Public Library Network source of information from “State Library of NSW,” even from the “Naval Historical Society of Australia,” data from “Shipwreck Databases Western Australia Museum,” information from the Museum of Victoria and from A Hundred Horizons: The Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire.

    ‘Yaariyan Dildariyan’ will be released soon, and ‘Kuch Na Kuch’ too. Both the films have completed post-production. The release has been postponed due to the restrictions of covid-19.

    ‘Kuch Na Kuch’ is directed by Sidhu Ji, and ‘Yaariyan Dildaariyan’ is directed by Sidhu Ji along with the film’s lead actor, Virat Kapoor. Sidhu Ji is working on the pre-production of his upcoming feature film. The title of the film has not been decided yet.