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Debalina Ganguly, Director- People Transformation, Marlabs on International HR Day

“As AI influences more aspects of our work, critical thinking skills will be paramount.  It will be important to assess the information and insights provided by AI  with a critical eye. To assess the skill gaps, following initiatives are carried out at an individual practice/department level or at the overall organization level to bridge or mitigate the same for both technical and behavioural learning areas- we are conducting learning need analysis at regular intervals with all department heads to understand the exact areas where necessary learning initiatives need to be implemented. Additionally, we are implementing design learning programs at an individual department/practice level based upon the project led technical skill requirements 

At Marlabs, we are seeing a significant shift in the essential skills required for our workforce due to advancements in AI. AI-driven tools are democratizing knowledge work:  AI is making specialized knowledge more accessible across various industries. This means entry-level roles in areas like computer programming, content creation, research, and marketing will require less specialized knowledge and more facility with AI-powered tools.

The AI landscape is constantly evolving.  The ability to adapt to change and  be open to new ways of working will be crucial for success.  This includes a willingness to experiment and take calculated risks to identify new opportunities  presented by AI advancements”.

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