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  • DebConf 2023: India’s first Debian Conference to be held at Infopark

    Published on September 9, 2023

     Kochi :  DebConf23, the 24th annual Debian Conference will be held at Infopark, Kochi from 10th of September, 2023. The eight-day conference will conclude on September 17. Debian developers and users from various parts of the world will participate in the event. DebConf23 in Infopark Kochi is the first Debian Conference to be held in India.  In association to the conference, a DebCamp is also scheduled from September 2 to September 9. DebConf23 is being held in collaboration with SPI, The Debian Project, Debian India, Debian Switzerland, Debian France, and FOSS United Foundation. Infomaniak, Siemens, Proxmox and many other institutions around world sponsored for this event. Visit the website https://debconf23.debconf.org/schedule/ for the schedule of the event to be held at Atulya Auditorium, Infopark and in Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, near Infopark. There is an opportunity to watch the event online.

    Debian is a free and open source operating system based on GNU/Linux, developed and maintained by the Debian Project, an association of individuals, sharing a common goal of creating a free software operating system, freely available for everyone. Similar to operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS, Debian is used across the world in computers and servers. The project to make Debian available in mobile phones like Android is also very active and it is already available in PinePhone and Purism Librem 5 phones as Mobian. Popular GNU/Linux operating systems like Ubuntu are based on Debian. In India, the Bharath Operating System Solutions (BOSS) developed by C-DAC in Chennai and the KITE GNU/Linux distributions used in government schools in Kerala are based on Debian. Anyone can download and run the software on their machine from the Debian website (www.debian.org/download).

    DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributors and users interested in improving Debian. Every year, the conference is hosted in a different city across the world. India’s first DebConf will be held at Infopark in 2023. At Debcamp, various teams come together to collectively review activities and coordinate various workshops and training programmes. DebConf, being attended by nearly 400 participants, aims to attract new users and developers to Debian along with strengthening regional independent software communities.

    Manjit Cherian, Chief Marketing Officer, Kerala IT Parks, Jonathan Carter, Debian Project Leader, Sruthi Chandran, DebConf Lead Organizer, Stefano Riviera, DebConf Committee Member, Anupa Ann Joseph DebConf organizing team, and Sahil Dhiman, DebConf organizing team, addressed the media in a press conference held at Ernakulam Press Club on September 8, 2023.


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