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Deeksha Expands its Academic Avenues to Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Deeksha, India’s leading education services company announced the launch of two new Open Centres in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The centres will be in Shenoy Nagar & Santhome areas of the city and will offer specialised coaching for NEET.

Deeksha currently has 31 campuses spread across Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Since its inception, Deeksha has helped transform 56,000 young lives by nurturing their academic success.

Often, coaching centres consider CBSE basics a pre-requisite for NEET coaching thereby jumping into advanced formulae and problems. However, children who require additional support to strengthen their basics, whose curriculum differ from CBSE, find it difficult to cope with the centres’ teaching. In order to address this, Deeksha has come up with a unique pedagogy which focuses on getting the concepts and basics right before moving to problems covering detailed workings and finally equipping children with shortcuts with MCQ’s.

Dr Sridhar G, Founder of Deeksha post his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University returned to his homeland in 1998 with a desire to contribute to society through education. He, along with Mrs Lalit Sridhar, jointly launched Deeksha with a vision of providing an effective and caring academic environment to class 11 & 12 children. Dr Sridhar believes that strong conceptual clarity and self-confidence, born from emotional wellness, are pre-requisites for academic success. Deeksha’s flagship program dCARE (Deeksha for Children’s All-Round Development) comprises of various initiatives which ensure a child’s well-being and forms the bedrock of the institute’s motto “Nurturing Success of Every Child”. The idea is to nurture success in children through a rigorous academic environment supported by technology built around the culture of caring.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sridhar G, Founder – Deeksha, said, “NEET is always a challenge for children which requires a strong foundation, discipline to work hard, and critical thinking. It is imperative for teachers to ensure children are conceptually adept before equipping them with advanced formulae and problems. Keeping in mind a child’s wellbeing, regular counselling and mentoring to children motivating them to give their best and handle adversity. That is the greater goal of high school education”

“We must focus more on equipping our children to face and handle the pressures of life. Every child is born to succeed in a unique walk of life, it is up to us to guide children and nurture their passion towards success. We often hear from Deeksha alumni how a healthy mind helped them beyond academics in pursuing their passion and achieve great accolades. It is crucial to keep in mind children’s wellbeing and guide them in continuously evolving to become better.”, said Mrs Lalit Sridhar, Founder – Deeksha

Shedding light on the expansion, Mr Pramod Gupta, CEO, Deeksha, said, “Education, in India today is facing multiple challenges – right from the mounting competitiveness and evolving academic structure that requires constant stimuli to be at par with the best. Children face an acute shortage of time, thereby unable to spend quality time studying after returning home. Deeksha utilises technology to build an education model characterised by continual learning easily accessible to children. We are proud to expand our avenues and reach out to children from various regions of the country.”

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