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    Deepak Pathak Reinventing the Interior Design Industry With Janalaxmi Designs

    Published on May 15, 2021

    “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

    Interior design is always attributed as a luxurious endeavor and an utter waste of resources. On the contrary, interior design is never actually about money or infusing fancy, exorbitant things into a room. It revolves around building something extraordinary out of ordinary-looking items and maximizing space while improving aesthetics. Janalaxmi Designs is an interior design brand that has gained significant traction and market prominence in just four years since its inception in 2017. 

    Janalaxmi Designs doesn’t mimic the existing trends prevalent in the industry. They are renowned for investing a good amount of time in drafting new designs from scratch. It is a time-consuming craft that needs time to be executed with perfection. Mr. Deepak Pathak, is the man behind the successful venture, that Janalaxmi Designs has become now. It is the result of his long-time passion for craft and design that resulted in the creation of the Janalaxmi Designs. His arduous journey from being a part-time worker to building an industry-leading brand is an inspirational tale for many budding creators.

    Janalaxmi Designs has worked extensively to offer impeccable service quality. They even source the optimum quality wood from reliable sources. Janalaxmi Designs’ past projects include high-profile clients like Wipro, Emami, etc, all of which were heavily customized to reflect the brand’s identity. The interior design brand has worked for many industries including hotels, workplaces, posh office locations, and residences. Mr. Deepak Pathak turned his vision into a reality with sheer will and his prowess.

     He explains, ” Janalaxmi Designs was started with the sole intention of offering premium interior design services, that no other brand was capable of. Creating something unique from scratch is often considered a fool’s endeavor. I was so determined to succeed that I put every penny into learning more about the nuances of interior design. I am an avid traveler and that has also helped me to come up with unique designs through my experiences. My sole aim is to maintain the quality that we offer to our customers, even if it requires a bit of extra effort from our side.”