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  • Delhi, NCR’S Noida Area Gets First Far Eastern Cuisine Restaurant-Zazen

    Published on July 8, 2011

    New Delhi: After completing a year delighting the taste buds of people in Chandigarh and Panchkula, Zazen opens its doors to oriental food lovers in the national capital region. The Far Eastern cuisine restaurant is now ready to welcome guests in Noida, with a full-fledged far-east menu, a wokery to delight you for lunch and even the option of impressing all by cooking your own food (with a bit of help from the chef) at the table.

    The Noida-edition of Zazen is the recent entry into Delhi’s eager Oriental taste-buds and completes the art of tranquillity with muted lights, wine-coloured couches and trellis-enclosed tables. There is an open kitchen to enjoy the hustle-bustle of those who are mustering up your fine meal, or sink into the PDR area for something a tad more personal. For lunch, the option of a wokery or buffet is always on, to simplify your meal… and go al la carte for dinner. The culinary journey starts from Thailand, with the chef recommending the Som Thai Salad and the Popiah Thod; and embraces Malaysia, China and Japan. The Matsaman curry is an intrinsic part of the menu; and a range of dumplings from China include the Pork Bao and Vegetable Crystal Dumplings.


    Zazen, often used as a synonym to Buddha, represents the calm and upright position of the seated Buddha. It’s a position in Zen Buddhist practices where all judgemental thinking, ideas and images pass by as the body and soul enjoy a higher level of tranquillity. It is quite the same experience of relaxation and enjoyment as you dig deep into the Oriental cuisine at Zazen – simple in its options, authentic in taste.

    The first Zazen outlet was set-up in Panchkula in July 2010. Located opposite the city fountain, the grandeur of Zazen can be best experienced in this Punjab-outlet, which includes a large PDR as well as plenty of outdoor seating to soak in the weather and the ambience of the greens and hills situated around the complex. Zazen is owned and operated by The Alchemist Group, and the COO of the Hospitality Division is Kushagra Nagrath. Under One Roof Hotel Consultants are the hospitality consultants for Zazen, and for the Alchemist group.


    “We all have strong feelings for food, and where and when we eat. Why is food so emotional? Aromas of live cooked dishes, cooking for and feeding someone is one of the greatest joys and gestures in the world. At Zazen, we aspire to help you attain inner peace through out soulful cuisine.

    For us, creating this experience is a sheer delight.”


    The Indian palate has always liked Oriental food, but they are now searching for more authentic versions of the same and Zazen is as authentic as the word can be. It traverses the entire Far East and demystifies food and cuisine concepts from that region. Zazen is meant for all to experience authentic Oriental, not just an elite few.