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  • Delhi protest an alarm bell for Political Parties

    Published on January 1, 2013

    By S K Visary
    police beating womanThe country, for the first time after independence, has witnessed an upsurge that has startled the entire political class. The national capital was under siege. The protestors jeered the political leaders of all hues. Their only demand was safety for lives.

    Those ruling the country and aspiring to rule have to take this protest as awarding. The people of India can no more be taken for granted. They are waking up. The brutal gang rape incident in the capital and the sad demise of the victim has just ignited the anger of the public towards the apathy of the rulers towards the interests of the countrymen has been the cause of the sudden spurt of this indignant protest. The warning is well written on the walls.

    The protest was never orchestrated by any political leadership and was spontaneous. The swelling response to the demonstration explained in abundance the kind of anger people harbored within against the administration and gave vent to their rage at this proper occasion.

    The initial mute response of the government at the centre and the repressive approach of the law enforcing agencies could hardly deter the protesters.  The farmers, the students, housewives, working women, pensioners, ex-servicemen, octogenarians, all joined the protest.  They all had just one demand “justice for the victim”.

    But the victim succumbed to the brutal injuries inflicted by the rapists. The nation as one paid her tributes in plenty. May her sole Rest In Peace.

    The pertinent question here is, has the political leadership of the country awaken to the reality  that the  public is up in arms against the administration for its lack of concern to the majority.  A certain amount of disbelief on the political leadership is well evident within the electorate in general and among the young population in particular.

    Women are 49 percent of the Indian population and they unanimously blame the administration for the atrocities against the weaker sex.  They are now out in the streets demanding protection.

    As per a survey, in every 54 minutes a woman is raped in some part of the country and in every seven minutes a hapless woman become victim of gender violence. The details of violence against women are available in the public domain.

    Political leaders, both in the ruling and opposition are aware that the plight of women. But surprisingly they become vociferous only if they could draw some political benefits.

    Of course, after the distressing demise of the rape victim, many women political leaders were exhibited their overwhelming concern of the security of women in TV shows. Many of them were condemning the violent act using extra strong vocabulary. Selected social activists were also joined the media debates. But none were found joining the protesters in the street.

    In the Delhi incident, contrary to expectations the public fury exploded in full. The emotionally charged citizens kept both the left and right wing political leaders’ miles away. For the first time the politicians in the country were treated as pariah.  Even the Delhi chief minister who reached the protesters to express her concern was booed. For, the integrity of the political leaders are under scanner.

    True, some of the women leaders like Dr. T N Seema have been vociferous in their protest against gender discrimination. But they are also found ineffective in exposing the related ills in their own camps.  These leaders, will they exhibit courage to counter the tainted (in sexual harassment cases) leaders from their party and demand judicial action?


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