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Delhi, Say Salud!

~ It’s about time the capital party’s the Salud way ~

  India’s home-grown urban lifestyle brand ‘Salud’ has finally arrived in the capital, Delhi. They changed the way the south parties and now are here to conquer the north! After a booming launch in Chandigarh recently, Salud now says Namaste Delhi! Salud spirit is all set with its range of Bitters, clothing lines, exclusive events and much more.

Salud made a powerful presence in Bangalore and Goa by launching India’s first Ready-To-Drink G&T in varieties, which won Gold and two Silvers at the London Spirits Competition. The house of Salud brings along a great response for Salud Sessions, the brand’s carefully curated playlists featuring some of the best artists in the House and Techno culture; partnering with Off Grid at an exclusive event in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, Salud is here to #CelebrateLife2.0. Not just one or two, but Delhi folks can now pop-open-sip on six different Gin Refreshers, available in a variety of classic and natural flavors such as:

ORIGINAL – A classic confluence Juniper

Meticulously crafted, Original brings together the resplendent English and the effervescent Indian Tonic for a clean, yet flavourful and versatile drinking experience.

CUCUMBER – An ode to an English afternoon in the Indian tropics

Skilfully crafted English Juniper, along with succulent English cucumber and Indian Tonic creates an invigorating beverage that transports to your happy place. Truly a winner of a Silver Star at the London Spirits Competition

LAVENDER – Aromatherapy in a bottle

Subtle French Lavender is crafted with Indian Tonic and English Juniper to provide a bright, lively and refreshing drink that is quite distinctive and almost ethereal. A classy yet modern take on a drink that feels like a party in a bottle. She’s indeed the Gold ‘goose’ at the London Spirits Competition

SONIC – A classic Japanese mix – soda tonic water and gin

A super refreshing 99 calorie low-sugar drink with a singular botanical identity. A dazzling mix of English Juniper and the effervescence of Indian Tonic and Soda make every vibrant sip of sonic a unique tasting experience. One of the most unique beverages in the market managed to nab the Silver Medal at the London Spirits Competition.

WATERMELON & MINT – Cheers to summer

 The classic melding of English Juniper and Indian Tonic meets the oh-so-cooling vitality of watermelon and the zesty thrill of mint for an experience like a summer holiday in a bottle.

STRONG – A classic with a kick

Classic English Juniper-crafted gin gets an update with an effervescent aerated twist, takes it up a notch. As clean and flavourful as the Original, it packs a higher punch, and features a stronger flavour profile, accompanied by a lively fizz and a stronger kick. Here, we have ourselves something Strong and yet so light, which also is the best seller in the market. Looking at its Strong sales, it truly deserves its label.

Expressing his enthusiasm after launching in Delhi, Ajay Shetty, Founder & Director at Salud said, “Every expansion of our brand brings more people into the fold and the Salud family grows. Delhi, get ready for the journey of a lifetime as Salud puts its best foot forward, bringing you Quality and Elegance in its flavours and grooves. We have something exciting for everyone from all walks of life, to experience the Salud Lifestyle.’’

Come along for the ride and watch the evolution of Salud from a homegrown brand to an all-encompassing force to be reckoned with. Down South, Salud has created a community of people from different walks of life who all have one thing in common; their propensity to celebrate life. With something for everyone, Salud puts its best foot forward, bringing you premium quality and immaculate vibes in every single one of the brand’s many endeavors. Delhi, get ready for the journey of a lifetime cause Salud’s here to stay.

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