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  • Delhi’s tattoo artist Lokesh Verma becomes the only Indian to be recognized in the list of ‘Top 10 tattoo artists in the world’

    Published on December 14, 2020

    One of the most popular tattoo artists in the country and across borders, Delhi-based Lokesh Verma – Founder, Devil’z Tattooz studio has been featured as World’s Top 10 tattoo artists in Google search, amongst several legendary and International tattoo artists like Paul Booth, Scott Campbell etc. India’s first Award-winning, internationally experienced artist, Lokesh Verma is well known for the terrific amalgamation of varied tattoo styles but is best known for his coloured portraits. He is the first artist in India to start coloured realism and portraits style of tattooing that is mastered by only a few people across the world. Lokesh is also known for pioneering Soundwave (Audible) tattoos and Permanent Tattoo Removal (Pico Laser) service in India. Many eminent people have flocked to his artsy studio – from celebrities’ like Remo D’SouzaSwara Bhaskar, to cricketer Ishant Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan, to Bollywood actress Tapsee Pannu all got the mark from Lokesh. Verma with his zeal to color the blank canvass of life has attained the titles of many ‘firsts’- from being the first Asian to teach tattooing at an Italian University or be it the curation of HeartWork Tattoo Festival- India’s only international tattoo festival. A veteran artist, Lokesh has many feathers in his cap from winning the first prize in Inter Asia level painting in Japan to holding a Guinness World record for inking maximum number of flags to be tattooed on the human body! 

    The journey to attain this coveted title was not easy for Lokesh as his entry into the tattooing industry dates back to 2003 when body art was not considered a vogue among the youth. He was one of the very few people to start tattooing in India. He started practicing tattooing by inking himself, while pursuing his MBA during which he also worked at the local McDonalds mopping floors, flipping burgers to cleaning toilets by day and as a DJ by night in order to save money to purchase his first equipments. But self-taught artist Lokesh Verma has added many layers into this industry by coming up with one of the most renowned brand of tattoo studios titled as, Devil’z Tattooz spanning across Delhi & Gurgaon. 

    To quote Lokesh, “While being a singer or dancer is still considered a hobby more than a profession in India, coming out in front of your family about a career as a tattoo artist for the rest of your life is nothing less than a final nail in the coffin of your dreams. But my ex-army father & ex-teacher mother never held me back from experimenting. They always supported me and boosted my morale in whatever I chose to do. Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”   

    Until few years back, Tattooing was the art- that was in the back alleys and was on the outskirts of the town. But now, with the emergence of many new innovative players, with the passage of time, this body art in general, and tattoo making in specific has become more mainstream than ever before. Lokesh Verma –a veteran artist is a quintessential example who has gained mastery over this vibrant art and indeed added a whole new dimension into this industry. His life and career trajectory- both are replete with many ups and downs that can leave an indelible imprint on someone’s mind. Lokesh hails from a very humble family who grew up in an unauthorized colony and spent their entire life in one room with electricity coming up for only 3 hours. Far away from all the contemporary amenities, his family used to fetch water from a hand pump. His fondness for art was visible from the beginning as his artistic mind and hand kept on covering up everything with his art-be it a bench or be it his school bag. His father and mother also worked multiple shifts hard to sail through the bumpy junctures of life by working day and night. Lokesh while studying through college used to juggle a dozen tasks at once. Lokesh who at one point of time used to think that his family would never be able to visit a restaurant, now with his grit and determination has turnaround his thought and gave wings to his every dream and thought!

    Lokesh has the privilege of working with some of the finest talent of this industry- from the world’s best studio of Paul Booth’s Last rites Gallery NYC to Nikko Hurtado’s Black Anchor Tattoo, HOLLYWOOD and almost every country in Europe. Thus, his penchant for inking bodies let him crisscross 15+ countries and has made Lokesh one of the creative and artistic minds in this industry, which has successfully converted his hobby into his profession. Today he has a team of 15 brilliant artists who not only learn from each other but are also, growing happily. Now, with the concrete business plan, Verma is eyeing on providing some more colors to this world with some new stores dotting the boundary line of the city in the future. Lokesh is very particular about hygiene and makes sure European standards are followed across his studios to avoid any type of contamination or infection. With the exceptional body of work, Devil’z Tattooz clientele base has grown exponentially and still is on an upward trajectory.