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In conversation with Shivam phutela, the man behind the famous desert safari company Desertraja

Desert safari is one of the biggest attractions of Dubai. These days People are showing much interest in visiting the desert and going for a spin in the desert. Shivam Phutela is the founder of Desertraja which is a very famous company that provides desert safari in Dubai. This is a company where they provide excellent service to their customers. The people who are planning to explore the desert safari can meet this company. It provides better services to the tourism industry. People from different countries visit this place in Dubai. This place is famous all over the world. It would take nearly 5 to 6 hours to round the complete desert. There will be different kinds of shows like belly dances and unlimited buffet all for the visitors. The mode of transportation is 4X4 luxury SUVs only.

Both Shivam Phutela and Sanjay belong to Hindu families. The two boys are Innovative, and at a very young age, they succeeded as good entrepreneurs. Sanjay belongs to Mumbai, is 24 years old, and completed his B.management degree. Shivam Phutela, is also 24 years old and is from Haryana, he grew up in Panipat and has just completed his intermediate. And then he dropped from his studies because he was much interested in business. Both considered their failure as a backbone towards their success and proceed in their lives. Now they both have become successful people in their life. They became a motivator for the younger generation. They always focussed on their passion; that focus made them successful people” Always do the things which offer by your soul” -Shivam Phutela. So, they both started working hard for the company and finally made a great success. They never un-satisfy their customers; they always work very hard with great confidence and dedication towards the work. A lot of efforts made them today a successful person in very little time. The company is getting more positive talks and all the good vibes. Both youngsters proved nothing is impossible when you are ready to work and to put your interest into the work, the result is always a great fruit. No matter what you are and who you are, your interest shows everything. Despite many failures, they never took a backstep in their career; they always motivated themselves and started the work said by Shivam Phutela. They also said that no one could stop them from following their passion.

Desertraja provides different tour packages and a good guide for the people. In this competitive world, getting good recognition is very tough. But these two proved that hard work makes everything. Desertraja offers immense pleasure and a plethora of activities that add a thrill to the vacations. Waiting for the results is very hard, but the fruitful result made us a great person proved by these two youngsters. Desertraja is becoming one of the best Desert safari companies and is developing day by day. The main aim of the company is always to give the best to their customers.

They are working to give a good accomplishment for their customers. Desert raja is one of the best safari companies in Dubai. Shivam Phutela makes sure that the people who love traveling and exploring the world are would love the luxury safari in the desert!

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