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  • Designing Games: Top Game Making Software for Beginners

    Published on February 2, 2022

    A decade ago, you would have never dreamed of creating a video game if you weren’t well versed in programming. However, things are different now. Thanks to new technology, you can create a game in a matter of minutes. That’s the power technology has. Now, making a game is less intimidating than it was. As a novice, you might be wondering where to start, and all the game-making tools available don’t make it any easier. 

    You can use numerous game-making tools, from those that offer a simple drag and drop interface to graphic editors, special effects, and more. Additionally, the type of game you want to create will determine the best tools for you to use. 

    This post will outline several software applications and tools that can help you create one of the best played online casino games in India, including mobile games, strategy games, racing games, etc. 


    GameSalad’s drag and drop interface, vast behavior library, fully integrated engine, and various other user-friendly features make this platform ideal for beginners. These features make game development easy. Take the behavior library, for instance; you can create actions by selecting what you want your characters to do from the collection of essential and advanced behaviors. 

    GameSalad is an excellent tool that enables you to create straightforward 2D games as you learn the ropes. Its reliable support features and the game designers’ community ensure you can get help whenever you need it. Once you have created a game, you can test it out using the application’s game previewer. It has a free version that enables you to make, preview, and publish your games on the web and on iOS. The paid version lets you monetize your game and post it on the Android and Windows app stores.  

    Gamemaker Studio 2

    Are you looking for a platform that will help you make a hit? Then GameMaker Studio 2 is perfect for you. Having produced hit games such as Hyper Light Drifter and Undertale, this game engine utilizes simplistic code that will help you create both 2D and 3D games. The drag and drop interface is easy to pick up, and it has advanced features that are suitable for both newbies and experienced game developers. With GameMaker Studio 2, you can create the best played online casino games in India and worldwide.  


    Think of Stencyl as your coding teacher; its simplistic block-snapping interface and drag and drop game designer make learning the basics of coding fun. The platform looks like a puzzle, and, if you find the right pieces, you can build any game. Theis puzzle-like look makes learning coding easy, and this skill can come in handy when making more complex games.

    This tool is ideal for building 2D, RPGs, arcade, and even platform games. Additionally, you can create pixel art and it also  comes with ready-made templates, valuable extensions, and the functionality to export the cross-platform creations natively to other platforms. 


    This free game engine has an innovative design, flexible scene, and a beginner-friendly content creation feature that allows anyone to create 2D or 3D games. It has an extensive set of tools that take the work out of game design so you can focus on creating a masterpiece. Even better, it supports several platforms such as iOS, Android, UWP, Linux, and more. 


    This game engine can help you create engaging mobile games. It is available in classic, studio, and mobile versions, and you can build and make both 2D and 3D games. It uses AGK2 BASIC-based coding language, but it also supports other languages.   

    With AppGameKit, you can build a game with virtually no coding skills, and you can use it to learn how to code in C++ as well. This makes it the perfect place to start learning the basics in game development and even create games you can monetize, such as the best played online mobile casino games in India and worldwide. The games you create can be tested on different devices via the engine’s players, and it makes for an excellent option for game creators.


    This heavy-duty game-developing platform is ideal for both beginners and devoted game designers. With over 5 million game developers using it to create all kinds of games, it is a powerful game development tool that’s great for creating 3D games, RPGs, action RPGs, survival games, and more.  Pokemon Go and Angry Birds are just two examples of games that have been created using Unity.

    It is the best choice for importing assets from 3D programs such as Blender or Maya, it has tons of helpful tutorials, it supports over 27 platforms, and has plans for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals. There is a bit of a steep learning curve involved,  but it is totally worth it. 

    You will be surprised to find that there are even more game-developing engines and tools, but this rundown of some beginner-friendly game-making software gives you a sense of where to start. So don’t let your knowledge about coding keep you from getting started. Go for it. Good luck with your project, it might become a huge hit.  


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