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  • Tuesday, February, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:31:12
  • Pune:  DesignTech Systems Ltd today announced celebration of their 13th anniversary by coming together and joining hands for a noble cause of donation drive.

    The employees of DesignTech Systems participated in blood donation drive. Along with this company also took part in NGO Goonj’s ”Make your lazy newspapers work’ campaign where DesignTech donated old newspapers, magazines, press clippings, brochures, envelopes, drawing sheets, danglers, newsletters, which would be recycled and converted into conference pads, paper bags.

    On 13th June 98, DesignTech Systems Ltd commenced a humble beginning guided by the vision and determination of Vikas Khanvelkar, MD and Sachin Chougule, Director of the company. Today DesignTech Systems is amongst the top CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM solutions provider in the country with direct presence in 9 cities and employing a staff of more than 200.

    Mr. Sachin Chougule, Promoter and Director of DesignTech Systems Ltd stated, “Corporates every day produce very large chunks of waste paper which is absolutely of no use to anybody but infact is hazardous to the environment. Despite being bio-degradable and recyclable, producing this waste in such large quantities is harmful for the environment. Especially in critical times like today when we are hearing and reading about the consequences and effects our activities have on the environment and nature in forms like global warming, we have to take extra measures to see to it that we create less hazardous waste and incorporate the practice of reuse and recycle in our system. We at Designtech hence have donated a very large amount of paper waste to Goonj who in turn would reuse it to create notepads and paper bags. More and more corporates should incorporate this practice of saving paper and reusing it as this is the least we can do to protect and preserve the healthy environment.”

    DesignTech had also organized a blood donation camp at their head office in Pune.

    Ajay Adkar, General Manager, DesignTech Systems exclaimed, “As a responsible corporate citizen we have always believed and practiced doing our bit for the overall welfare and benefit of the society. Every year on DesignTech day we have contributed our help to the society in some or the other way, may it be through monetary help to the NGOs, or help in kind as we did this time with blood donation. With such large population residing in Pune, availability of the blood has always been a grave concern for the hospitals and blood bank. Encouraged by the last year’s response, this year too we decided to donate blood. We are proud to say that, our response this year was even better than last year and people have donated the blood making us the corporate with one of the highest number of blood donors.”

    Long Service awards and Outstanding Performance awards were also adorned to the employees who have contributed significantly in the growth of the company.

    Nilesh Choudhari, Senior Executive MIS, DesignTech Systems said, “I was very happy to receive the award for outstanding performance. I felt greater pleasure when my work was recognized and I was awarded with my family being around. That gave me immense sense of satisfaction and my family too was very happy to be a part of my felicitation.”

    DesignTech systems had organized a fun filled outing for their employees and families at Adventure Plus, the adventure sports resort . Besides the adrenaline rush inspired by the adventure sports, the company had also arranged for the team building activities that encourage better team bonding and enhance the work efficiency and effectiveness.

    Overall DesignTech Systems Ltd. on the occasion of their 13th Anniversary planned a celebration that included excitement of sports, thrill of adventures, and a satisfaction of contributing for a social cause. These celebrations were carried out not just in the head office in Pune, but also at other branches in India such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.