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  • Dhruv Consultancy Services reported 19.5% increase in net profits for H1FY20

    Published on November 13, 2019

    by Sachin Murdeshwar

    Navi Mumbai  : Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd (BSE  – 541302), an infrastructure consultancy services firm, has reported encouraging results for 1st half of FY20 ending 30th September 2019. The net profit has increased by 19.5% to Rs. 1.41 crore. The total operating income was up by 5.5% at Rs. 25.79 crore for H1FY20. The company has also repaid debt of Rs. 2.55 crore during the 1sthalf of FY20 and reported a strong order book of Rs. 330 crore. Indicating strong operational performance over the previous year.

    Key Operational Highlights are as follows:


    Particulars   (fig in Rs. Cr.)




    Total Revenues




    Net Profit




    Net Profit Margin (%)




    EPS (Rs.)





    Ø  Revenue from operations for H1FY20 ending 30th September 2019, have gone up by 5.5% to Rs. 25.79 crore as compared to Rs.24.44 crore during H1FY19.


    Ø  Net Profit for H1FY20 ending 30thSeptember 2019 have gone up by 19.5% to Rs. 1.41 crore as compared to Rs. 1 .18crore reported in the same period previous year.


    Ø  Net profit margins for 1st half of FY20 ending were reported at 5.47% as compared to 4.83% reported in H1FY19


    Ø  Earnings Per share for H1FY20 has been reported at Rs. 0.98 per share, as compared to Rs. 0.82 per share reported in FY19.


    Other Business Highlights:

    Ø  We have repaid debt of Rs. 2.55 crore during the 1st Half of FY20, bringing down the total debt exposure of the company from Rs. 11.8 crore reported for FY19 as on 31st March 2019.

    Ø  This has resulted in cost savings as the interest costs have come down to Rs. 0.82 crore during H1FY20 as compared to Rs.1.22crore reported during H1FY19.

    Ø  The total order book today stands at Rs. 330 crore of which unexecuted order book stands at Rs. 215 crore. 


    Commenting on the performance Ms Tanvi Auti, Managing Director of Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd said Our performance during the 1st half of FY20 is encouraging especially under the extraordinary one time events that occurred during the period of code of conduct due to Loksabha elections and then again due to Assembly elections, and also the unprecedented extended rainfall  season that we had witnessed during this year resulting in low progress of work. There has been a substantial increase in revenues and profit margins as compared to H1FY19.