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  • Diagnostic centre in Hyderabad offers scan and blood tests at half the price

    Published on October 16, 2018

    Hyderabad:  At a time when healthcare costs are going sky high, this diagnostic centre run by a family of radiologists is challenging the status quo by reducing the cost of their scan and blood tests by more than 50%, and still offering the best of services.

    Aarthi Scans & Labs has a track record of more than 30 years in healthcare and diagnostics. It has 22 diagnostic centres and more than 80 labs spread across Tamilnadu, Bangalore and Pondicherry. Aarthi Scans & Labs announces the launch of its newest super specialty diagnostic centre in Punjagutta, Hyderabad with all scans (Siemens latest 1.5 Tesla MRI, Siemens 32 slice CT, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, Digital Xray, Digital Mammogram, DEXA, OPG) and state of the art Fully Automatic Lab for all blood tests.

    Aarthi Scans & Labs in association with GVR social services offer the following, MRI scan charges are Rs 3500 in day time and Rs 2500 in night time (Market price is Rs 7500). CT scan brain charge is Rs 1500 in day time and Rs 1000 in night time (Market price is Rs 2500-3000). The blood testing charges are also affordable with Glucose Rs 30, HbA1c Rs 200, Thyroid panel Rs 200 and Vitamin D Rs 450 (Market prices are Rs 80, Rs 500, Rs 550, Rs 1500 respectively).

    Mr. Govindarajan, Managing Director of Aarthi Scans & Labs said “The cost to diagnose a disease should not be more than the cost of treatment– This is our vision and motto. A patient with back pain undergoes a MRI scan for Rs 7500, yet most of the time treatment is physiotherapy and rest which cost less than the diagnosis. To diagnose osteoporosis, one requires Vitamin D blood test, which costs around Rs 1500, yet the treatment is vitamin supplements which cost considerably less!”

    “This disparity is because most diagnostic centres decide their pricing with focus on high profit margins for each test. We chose to reduce our profit margins and serve more patients, thus bringing smiles on both sides of the billing counter. We have 7 Radiologists within our family, thus our overheads are low and report quality is excellent. We have installed fully robotic automated labs in Chennai and Bangalore for doing blood tests, which once again reduced our overhead and improved accuracy by reducing human errors. We are also installing Hyderabad’s First fully robotic lab (Beckman Coulter – USA)”

    “All our charges are transparent and displayed in our reception, website and mobile app. In order to show case our transparency and help people make well informed decisions, we also have a facility where anyone can Whatsapp or Call 76699 76699 and get our scan, blood test charges within the next few minutes!”

    Aarthi Scans & Labs is India’s most affordable diagnostic centre and as a group has 21 MRI scanners in 21 locations, the most in India. The diagnostic centres are open 24 x 7, with a sophisticated tele-radiology setup, emergency cases are reported even in midnight, thereby helping patients get treated as quick as possible.

    A good diagnosis is half the treatment done and with Aarthi, it can be done at half the cost!


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