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‘Dialectics of Garden Bloom’, a solo show by Tapan Dash

Name of the show – ‘Dialectics of Garden Bloom’, a solo show by Tapan Dash

Date21th August  to 30th September 21

Venue  – Gallery100A    F210D Old MB Road Lado Sarai , New DelhiNew Delhi

Timings11 Am to 7 pm

Born in Puri, Tapan moved to Delhi in 1996 and since then, canvas has been his choice for self-expression. Tapan acknowledges that his paintings are subconsciously influenced by the sculptures and art he witnessed as a child in Orissa. He states, “The figures in my works also arise from the impressions I gained as a child, which I strive to bring alive on the canvas. Contours of those impressions are transformed on the canvas, many times in a narrative manner”. Everyday scenes of breakfast, siestas, offerings, street sellers find space in his work, imbued with a distinct artistic sensibility. Tapan states that such images also depict his journey, from Bhubaneswar to Delhi.

The diverse imagery in his paintings brings together the figural and the abstract. While most artists follow a well-structured thought process, Tapan relies on spontaneity when it comes to creative expression. He comments, “Unlike many artists, I don’t even make a drawing. I let my thoughts and emotions guide the brush on the canvas, being in tune with each other”.

As an artist sharing his work, Tapan wants viewers to draw their own inferences. His works also bring together magnificent symbols of the individual spirit with the larger mythological signs, demonstrating their interactions. This brings together the human and the divine but the final interpretation is left to the viewer who brings in his/her own subjective perception to find meaning in the paintings. His works demonstrate the artists’ sense of uninhibited expression as they are not limited to a single theme or subject. His collection covers a myriad of subjects in creative blends of figural and abstract, bringing a surrealist touch to the paintings.

Tapan enjoys Indian classical music and dance while not immersed in the virtual world. He dreams of building an artist community in Orissa one day, an exchange programme for artists from all over India and abroad so they can learn about each other’s unique styles, philosophies and aesthetic sensibilities. It stems from his own learning experiences, his avid interest in the works of his favorite artists that include KG Subramanyan and FN Souza, besides Marc Chagall and Gustav Klimt.  With this in mind, the 47 year old artist plans to continue experimenting with his work, bringing forth his distinct aesthetic sense on the canvas as a creative form of self-expression. 

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