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  • Dialysis patients in Bangalore & Chennai can now opt for Home Hemodialysis, and stay safe during COVID-19

    Published on April 5, 2021

    Bangalore: Dialysis patients can have a sigh of relief as Home Hemodialysis services launch in Bangalore & Chennai, starting 01 April, 2021.The recent spike in COVID-19 cases has been worrisome for everyone, but more so for anxiety-ridden dialysis patients, who are required to visit dialysis centres at least twice a week for their procedure. 

    Apollo Dialysis Clinics, India’s leading dialysis service network, has launched the new Home Hemodialysis service in Bangalore & Chennai for patients. This home-based dialysis facility has been a common practice in several countries abroad, where people are able to accommodate the same, due to having larger homes and the long distances between their homes and the nearest medical facility. 

    What is Home Hemodialysis:

    The Home Hemodialysis service by Apollo Dialysis Clinics allows patients to have safe, convenient and hassle-free dialysis at home by setting up a dedicated dialysis machine for the patient. All that a patient needs is a small, separate room with air conditioning facilities to ensure temperature control, a running water supply unit and a system to maintain hygiene. The team at Apollo Dialysis will provide all the necessary training, as well as a technician to assist them with every session. Once they opt for this, there is no longer any need to worry about the risk of infection, because they do not have to travel each time to a hospital and be inconvenienced due to time, distance or expense involved. It also ensures that the patient need not postpone, skip or avoid any sessions for fear of stepping out in a crowded space, or even travel long distances for each session. 

    The Home Hemodialysis will provide the same world class dialysis facilities at home, without the constant effort or concern of having to visit the hospital or clinic at the scheduled hour. This has been made possible by Apollo Dialysis Clinics, which has an impeccable track record, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, dedicated & experienced nephrologists, and well-trained technicians across 70 centres in 60 cities across India. 

    Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mr. M Sudhakar Rao, Head, Apollo Dialysis Clinics, Bangalore said “By launching the home hemodialysis for Bangalore & Chennai, we want to help provide patients with an easy, secure and safe to perform dialysis. There will be zero risk of cross infection among patients, as the entire unit is established at the patient’s house. Owing to flexibility it gives, it will save time for the patients and their attendants at the same time give them access to world class treatments at the safety of their home. At Apollo, we strongly believe in giving the best care to our patients and by launching these services in Bangalore and Chennai, we aim to give safe and optimum dialysis care to the patients.”

    Dr. Venkatesh, Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo Dialysis Clinics, Chennai commenting on the launch and the success of home hemodialysis services said “This is an exclusive service which will definitely help the patients lead a better life, and we have seen it work successfully in other cities. It will come as good news for all those patients who deal with the risk every time, they visit the center especially now due the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic.”

    Why Home Hemodialysis is beneficial:

    Dialysis procedures are usually required at least twice a week, and when patients opt to set up the system at home, they can undergo dialysis at their convenience in the safe confines of home. While patients undergo the procedure, there is a lot of emotional upheaval each time, and being comfortable at home can reduce the stress by more than half, and make them feel less burdened by their illness. It also makes it easier on their families, who otherwise need to accompany the patient each time by adjusting their work schedules, and also being nagged by worries.  

    Though this is a pilot launch in the two cities, Apollo Dialysis Clinics which strongly believes in offering services with Affection, Affordability and Accessibility, plans to expand this to other cities across India, so that more patients can benefit from this


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