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Did You Miss Out on NEAR Protocol and Polygon at a low price? Then Look into this new meme coin Dogeliens

A new meme token, Dogeliens (DOGET), currently in its presale, has already taken the bearish crypto market by storm. Many crypto enthusiasts in the current market conditions are considering relatively cheap options with the potential for bigger returns. So if you are someone who has missed out on getting NEAR protocol (NEAR) and Polygon (MATIC) for a minimal price, you should consider Dogeliens (DOGET).

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) – Supporting Scalability

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a base blockchain designed to solve the problems affecting other base blockchains, like slow transaction speeds, low throughput, and inadequate interoperability. NEAR aims to provide a safe and secure blockchain experience by managing high-value assets and staying accessible to users. NEAR allows for the creation of dApps and has a developer-friendly ecosystem for programmers. NEAR uses Nightshade – a sharding technique for improving scalability. Thus, improving its throughput significantly and making NEAR among the quickest blockchains in crypto. Another unique feature of the NEAR Protocol’s (NEAR) platform is its usability for both users and developers. The ecosystem delivers easy onboarding and instinctive user connections to maintain its position as a “user-centric” network.

Polygon (MATIC) – Speedy, Cheap and Scalable

Polygon (MATIC) is a blockchain solution developed to tackle Ethereum’s scalability problem. Running on Ethereum, MATIC enables the development of safe & scalable, accessible dApps with low transaction fees. Also known as the “Ethereum internet of blockchains,” MATIC was launched to connect and grow Ethereum-based blockchains. Polygon (MATIC) employs an advanced consensus mechanism for increased efficiency. The successful implementation of proof of stake consense has earned MATIC a lot of users in the industry. Many users consider it environmentally benign as it no longer uses proof of work consense protocol. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, it is normally not used for purchasing goods and services. However, the native token of Polygon, i.e., MATIC, is used for transaction fees, safety, and governance on the network.

Dogeliens (DOGET) – Fun Dog-Themed Meme Token with Added Utilities

The upcoming meme token Dogeliens (DOGET) has a unique ecosystem incorporating Metaverse and NFTs. Entering the crypto market, which is currently stuffed with dog-themed meme tokens, DOGET has exclusive features differing it from others. The unique attributes users will enjoy on the DOGET ecosystem are NFTs and DeFi. DOGET is the native Token that will empower the Dogeliens ecosystem. DOGET aims to participate in the DeFi market with its innovative products and features covering a wide range of DeFi utilities. It is introducing support for NFTs and a staking system that uses DOGET. The platform intends to introduce integrations in the future, including NFTs. It also has an education hub, the University of Barkington, on its to-do list once the project is fully established. Moreover, it will also provide educational material and online coaching classes on other subjects like Physics and Mathematics.

How to Purchase DOGET in its Presale

DOGET has entered its presale stage and is available to be bought. Currently, 30% of the total DOGET supply is out for sale. DOGET has made more than $60K so far in its presale. The buying procedure involves connecting a crypto wallet on the DOGET presale page and exchanging USDT or ETH for DOGET.  DOGET is a potent upcoming meme coin with a robust ecosystem full of utility. And for the sweetest part, DOGET is giving away many bonus opportunities in its presale journey. You can get 22% free tokens by buying them with BNB, and making a friend to spend $250 on the crypto will get both of you $50 worth of DOGETs.

To learn more about Dogeliens (DOGET), you can visit the following links:

Presale: buy.dogeliens.io

Website: https://dogeliens.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/DogeliensOfficial

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