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  • Digidarts enabling new-age brands ride the Post-COVID Ecommerce Wave

    Published on March 26, 2021

    It is astounding how the world of e-commerce has changed over the past years with coronavirus highly impacting purchase behaviour across the world. So widespread was the shift in online purchasing trends, that the e-commerce industry hit levels projected for 2025, bringing over $843 Billion in online sales revenue.

    All that we thought we knew about scaling e-commerce brands was completely thrown for a toss. New audiences, new regions and abnormal purchase behaviours were a constant feature of e-commerce in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world.

    We at Digidarts, being enthusiasts of helping businesses scale, have delved neck-deep into the trenches of helping e-commerce brands start their scaling journey.

    Not only were we, as an agency, eager to ride the new e-commerce wave; newer and newer brands with innovative products were literally hunting for the best way to scale their e-commerce stores. From a hand-made jewellery brand, to a brand selling full-fledged home gym equipment, everyone wanted a piece of that sweet e-commerce sales pie.

    With the changing times, our learning curve for e-commerce stores also changed dynamically over the past few months. We’ve had to experiment so much with the perfect strategy for e-commerce that it could very well have been the biggest A/B testing in the history of e-commerce.

    In the first three months of 2021, Digidarts lent a helping hand to four new e-commerce brands.

    Shivani Bhargava: A brand with rich cultural women’s clothing options for the heritage-inclined women.

    Azani Active Care: A body care brand with products for hair, skin and body for the active go-getters, sporting professionals and gym goers.

    Aferando: An authentic hand-made jewellery brand, with Bollywood-inspired style of products for today’s chic women.

    Flexnest: A brand with an enthusiasm for promoting at-home workouts by providing revolutionary exercise equipment.

    It is clear to see that e-commerce is the renewed fad of marketing. Shedding his thoughts on the state of e-commerce today, Digidarts CEO, Siddharth Vanvani said, “The numbers game for the e-commerce industry has been really promising over this period of intense transition for the entire industry. But, this post-COVID-19 e-commerce world, however optimistic, can also be a challenging proposition with the number of competitors scaling at a faster rate than what even consumers can barely keep up with. It’s a market like every other; you have got to be clever to win it!”


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