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    Diginotice: Voice Recorder, Music Player and Memory Stick in One

    Published on July 30, 2010

    London: Grundig Business Systems (GBS), one of the world’s leading providers of professional dictation systems, is launching its new Diginotice dictation device on August 2.

    A major distinction of the Diginotice is the way it combines several functions in one product: it’s a voice recorder, music player, and memory stick all in one. It’s dressed for the times, sporting a white housing right in line with the trend in cell phones. “Diginotice is the ideal companion; whether at work or play, and on the go, it’s there to capture your thoughts,” says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein. “It’s right for multiple target groups, including students, reporters or those just entering the workforce,” explains Hollstein.

    With the Diginotice, recordings can be made in MP3 and at various levels of microphone sensitivity. It can be set for taking dictation as well as for conference recording. Set on its “voice activation” mode, it can even start recording automatically at the sound of the user’s voice. The Diginotice comes with a one gigabyte memory; that’s storage capacity for up to 70 hours of memos, which can be stored in any one of its six folders. To mark files with an automatic time stamp, it can be set to include the time and date. With its USB connector cord (included), the user can connect the Diginotice to a notebook or PC and process its voice files from there.

    But the Diginotice is more than a high-tech memo pad. Thanks to its built-in speaker, or stereo earphones (included), it can be used to play back files in WMA or MP3 format. Thus, it also serves as a music player, and as a USB stick as well.