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  • Digital Marketing Courses are trending, know top Institutes offering the best courses

    Published on January 23, 2023

    The last few years have seen a surge in digital marketing. In the modern-day world, every organization is seeking digital marketers to manage their marketing campaigns. Many businesses employ someone with experience in digital marketing because of its multiple advantages. Thus, as a result, the demand for digital marketing in educational institutions has grown. Furthermore, over the past years, there have been tremendous changes in the marketing industry, and the audience targeting is now more critical than ever. As most people use the internet, businesses are increasingly concentrating on digital marketing to boost their productivity and save traditional marketing expenses. Consequently, many students and entrepreneurs are learning about digital marketing, utilizing it in their companies, or obtaining lucrative employment in the expanding digital marketing sector.

    Take a look at the top 5 digital marketing institutes in India-

    Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy

    With CADM Digital Marketing Certification, Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy offers a course in Certified Agile Digital Marketing. In order to advance your career and provide work-from-home options for people who don’t enjoy 9–5 jobs, the CADM training programme assists you in growing your business. In addition, the CADM certification course teaches social media marketing advice. Thus, the strategies to generate subscribers on various social media platforms will help you gain a global audience for your company. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of landing pages, investment in landing pages, and digital marketing tactics in this course. They will also learn about various types of SEO, tools, measurement, keyword research, resume writing abilities and strategies, and industrial projects given to the participants during classes for practice and better understanding.

    Digital School of Internet Marketing

    For businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students, the Digital School of Internet Marketing is a top source of Internet marketing training. Executives in the business world and entrepreneurs can receive comprehensive live classroom training from the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. They show advertisers the finest methods for acquiring customers at lesser prices while reaching the appropriate target market. Moreover, in order to help businesses grow, DSIM offers a 45-hour full-fledged training programme and a 2-day advanced workshop in Internet marketing. The members can learn the advanced tools and techniques needed to increase market share, build brand awareness, connect with potential customers, find the right target market, and expand the company’s global reach through the flexible training. In controlled, real-world settings, valuable hands-on training is given in batches throughout the weekdays and weekends. This gives students a chance to put their newly acquired abilities to use.


    The emphasis of the online digital marketing course is on this strategy’s value for business expansion. Students can look into digital marketing techniques, including display advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. In addition, the integration of various digital marketing methods and client targeting is also covered in the course. Students will learn about digital marketing in the first week, with the knowledge of display and pay-per-click marketing. And in the second week, they will learn to investigate digital marketing strategies like email marketing and SEO. Moreover, after completing 90% of the course steps and all examinations, students are also qualified for a certificate.

    Digital Vidya

    The top professional training organization in Asia, Digital Vidya, specializes in transferring cutting-edge skills to people and businesses. It has connections with global social media giants. In 2009, the company started by offering Social Media training sessions throughout India. Furthermore, after a successful period, they introduced a comprehensive certified digital marketing course in 2013, which was well received and helped establish Digital Vidya as the market leader for online training in Asia. They carry on the history of offering instruction in cutting-edge technology and are now training in full-stack development and cybersecurity. They excel at training Corporates & professionals, including CXOs, and developing competency in common jobseekers and early-stage professionals.

    Digital Scholar

    Digital Scholar is the digital marketing training center that offers a unique concept of agency-style learning in India. Since its launch less than six months ago, it has helped a large number of aspirant digital marketers get started on the right path toward careers in the industry. This institution uses an agency-based learning methodology to prepare aspiring digital marketers for the workforce. Presently, Digital Scholar offers a 4-month online course on digital marketing that covers all of its fundamentals. For the entire digital marketing course, specific certificates are available for each course. Moreover, the faculty of Digital Scholar comprises skilled professionals with decades of expertise in their specialized fields.


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