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  • Dima Hasao District Congress committee stage sit-in demonstration at Haflong

    Published on December 1, 2019

    By Anup Biswas

    Haflong : In protest against total economic failures of BJP government, the Dima Hasao District Congress committee staged sit-in demonstration in front the Rajiv Bhawan at Haflong on Saturday.


    DHDCC, President, Nirmal Langthasa criticizing the economic policy of the BJP ruled Government explained the recent economic scenario of the entire country resulting to utter financial hardship among the people. Langthasa was addressing the sit-in demonstration wherein a huge numbers of congress leaders, workers, well-wishers were present. Langthasa said people should realize the wrong policies of BJP and to raise voice against such activities which never help the people of the country. They should not believe the false promises of the BJP as all the promises of the BJP have been proved to be total false.

    Other speakers also criticized the BJP ruled N C Hills Autonomous Council for misleading the people by false promises and appealed not to believe the BJP anymore rather raise voices against the misdeeds of the BJP.

    All the agitators were demanding Modiji should stop his ‘mon ki bat’ rather he should listen the voice of public and also to stop making false promises to the people.