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  • Monday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:32:09
  • The science fiction ‘Encounter’ is coming on Amazon Prime Video soon, and it seems the fans of the movie can’t keep calm. What is adding to their excitement is the stellar star cast, gripping storyline and wonderful direction by the phenomenal filmmaker Michael Pearce. Actors Riz Ahmed, Octavia Spencer, Janina Gavankar and Rory Cochrane play leading roles in the thriller. Building the anticipation among the viewers, Pearce decodes why Riz Ahmed was perfect for the role of Marine and explains why casting for the part was a tough task.

    Michael wanted an actor who could be many things for the role of Marine. “He had to convincingly play a Marine, with all the grit, fortitude and intensity you would expect, but he also needed to portray the character’s weaknesses. And he had to be someone you felt an immediate empathy for on screen. The problem is, not many actors have all of those qualities,” he says.

    The solution to Pearce’s casting conundrum came when he saw Riz Ahmed’s Academy Award-nominated performance in Sound of Metal. “I thought, wow, he has all of the qualities I’m looking for,” continues Pearce, “He’s dexterous, and he can totally transform himself. And best of all, when you watch him on screen, you just want to reach out and embrace the guy. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes his characters make, Riz just has some kind of unique empathetic energy.”

    The producers also felt the British actor was the perfect choice for the challenging character, and were thrilled when the star of the Emmy-winning miniseries “The Night Of” responded positively to the script. “As soon as Riz read Encounter, he became really passionate about playing the character. And, he was extremely clear about what he wanted to bring to the role.”

    Produced by Dimitri Doganis, Piers Vellacott and Derrin Schlesinger, Encounter releases on December 10, 2021 only on Amazon Prime Video. Be ready as Riz Ahmed is all set to charm and engage you with this new thriller!  


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