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  • Directors of Maser Technologies in a philanthropic initiative contributed Indian breed horses to LaMartiniere Boys College Stables

    Published on October 13, 2020

    Lucknow: Director duo of Maser Technologies, the only Indian medical MSME working on microwave technology for disinfection solution, participated in a philanthropic initiative held by LaMartiniere Boys College Stables, Lucknow, to develop indigenous Indian horse breeds. During the event the founders of the brand Mr. Monish Bhandari and Director Priya Bhandari contributed by presenting two Indian breed horses to the stable.

    The initiative has been led by the dynamic principal of college Mr. Carlyle McFarland. Horse riding and demand of Indian horses was going down. The college believes that riding Indian horses is quintessential to Indian culture. To promote the same among youth, college has maintained stables offering horse riding as a sport among the students. Currently, the college houses 35 horses which is an example of tradition and human endurance exemplified.

    “ Horse riding has been part of our Indian history for the longest. Though it is still pursued as a sport in some parts of India, but its popularity has been hit over the period. It is also due to the fact that there aren’t many stables and opportunities around. Also, the importance of Indian pure breed horses has gone low. This is a very unique initiative led by LaMartiniere Boys College Stables which intrigued us. We are glad to present these beautiful Indian horses to the stable as a step towards preserving our culture,” said Mr. Monish Bhandari- Founder and Managing Director, Maser Technologies.

    As a contribution, the college stable has received two pure Indian bred horses contributed by Mr. Monish Bhandari and Ms. Priya Bhandari. The new horses are examples in their class with Anandi a massive 62 hands pure Kathiawadi mare & Bhajirao a bouncy 5 yr Kathiawadi stallion, especially brought from Maharashtra and Gujarat.

    “With the Kathiawadi breeds reaching a level of being endangered, which has resulted in the ban of the export of this breed by the Government, it is a pleasure to see institutions like La Martiniere taking a keen interest in supporting the indigenous breeds and ensuring they get their due place among the well-known horse breeds,” said Ms. Priya Bhandari- Director, Maser Technologies.

    The horses were received at the La Martiniere stables near Fairy Dale grounds by the Prinicipal, Mr. Carlyle McFarland along with Equestrian Secretary, Mr. Joseph Masihand Mr. Monish & Mrs. Priya Bhandari. To ensure proper safety and comfort of the horses, they were travelled in imported equine floats equipped with all the facilities.