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  • Discover an Innovative Indian Rendezvous with Norwegian Flavours as Nila Takes Over Perbacco at The Lodhi, New Delhi

    Published on September 19, 2023

    New Delhi  – Get ready for an unparalleled culinary rendezvous as Nila, Norway, takes the spotlight at Perbacco, The Lodhi, New Delhi. Dr. Chef Sakirat Waraich, a London-educated dentist whose culinary passion led her to the MasterChef® stage in Norway, is set to captivate the capital city with her extraordinary fusion of Norwegian ingredients and traditional Indian flavours.

    Nila restaurant represents the exquisite merger of Norwegian and Indian culinary traditions. The very name “Nila” is a poetic reflection of this seamless merger, where the letters “N” and “I” beautifully intertwine, symbolising the harmonious blend of Norwegian and Indian influences. But “Nila” goes deeper; it signifies “blue,” a colour deeply rooted in nature, symbolising new beginnings and holding immense significance in Indian culture and heritage.

    The Nila Experience at Perbacco:

    This exceptional culinary sojourn promises an enticing menu that gracefully marries Norwegian and Indian flavours. Dishes like “Nila Blueberry Puri,” “Indian Heart, Norwegian Beat,” “You Say Cheese, I Say Brown,” and “Salmon Seaweed Chaat Tartar” will transport diners to a world where tradition effortlessly embraces innovation. Each dish is a delightful narrative of fusion, like the exquisite “Kashmir to Kongsberg,” offering a sweet finale with Kashmiri saffron panna cotta, brown cheese caramel sauce, Norwegian gingerbread, and a medley of berries – a symphony of flavours that crescendo to an unforgettable dining experience.

    Bringing the Northern Lights to India:

    Beyond her role as the Culinary Director at Restaurant Nila in Norway, Dr. Sakirat has been an ambassador of Indian flavours, holding presentations, masterclasses, and live cooking events around the world. Her dedication to ingredient-conscious cooking and the promotion of Indian cuisine has been celebrated globally. She returns to India with great pleasure, bringing her delectable dishes with a Northern Lights twist to delight Indian palates.

    This unique pop-up experience promises to blend the essence of Norway and India into a captivating culinary tapestry. During dinner service, guests can relish these exquisite dishes at Perbacco, The Lodhi, from September 29th to October 1st. The specially curated five-course menu is priced at INR 4500 + GST per person.

    Date: 29th September to 1st October 2023

    Venue: Perbacco – The Lodhi, New Delhi


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