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  • Friday, October, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:38:02
  • Have you ever heard anyone being forbidden to do things because of his/her age? The greats in their respective fields have often started from young age. They don’t wait for the proper age. There is no such thing as proper age. Whenever they do, whatever they do, they make that period of time the proper time. A young entrepreneur from Delhi India, Mudit Khandelwal, has been setting the perfect example of aforementioned things.

    Mudit has been in digital marketing since he was in grade 8th. The age where mathematics calculations hit you hard, Mudit had been playing with big digits in digital marketing. He is getting good amount of money for his works. He has been honoured with a Google digital marketing certificate as a reward for his excellent works.

    COVID hit hard and affected economy of every country. Thousands and thousands were jobless, couldn’t afford a living. Still good works make the way. Mudit took it as an opportunity and has extended his online business and blog growths. He has totally captured the online market and has taken this thing of digital marketing to another level.  At present, he has bulks of orders and he has been handling them quite well. He has been offering service of digital marketing and maintenance to those clients.

    Online business is prospering well. Mudit looks to provide employment opportunities to the ones who lost their jobs during this pandemic. So with this intention, he has been planning to expand his offline business as well. He is ready to make a good bit of investment for the cause. He aims to show the world his skills and his approach to digital marketing is different to others.

    Mudit has earned good sum of money. He owns several websites, platforms, blogs. There are millions of readers who follow his works. At age of 18 ( DOB : 20 May, 2002) , he has huge fan following. This guy is surely going to be next big thing in the digital marketing field. With his insane skills in digital marketing, to add to his quality, he is also a web entrepreneur, content creator web designer. He offers you wide range of services. 

    During this pandemic, Mudit has helped a lot of companies to make profits, when every other companies were struggling to cope up with the situation. Mudit has been featured in several big publications.

    With Mudit, you can say future of Indian digital marketing is in safe hands. You will see tons of youths getting inspired by Mudit’s story. 


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