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  • Discover the Flavours of Monsoon from Bandra’s newest cloud kitchen: Tokyo Matcha Bar

    Published on June 3, 2023

     Mumbai  – Keeping in mind the onset of Monsoons, the city of dreams, Mumbai will be witnessing the launch of its own ingredient – Matcha, based cloud kitchen, in the bustling neighborhood of Bandra. For the first time ever, the delivery brand will be dedicating its menu to one particular, after a popular response and success of their first venture – Ritual Daily Coffee.

     “Tokyo Matcha Bar”,  aims to be the must-order spot offering a comforting alternative for non-coffee drinkers quickly evolved into an undeniable love affair with matcha-infused beverages inspired by Japan. The delivery kitchen is launched on Swiggy.

    At the heart of Tokyo Matcha Bar lies its commitment to providing the highest quality matcha products. The duo, Meher Kohli and Rahul Ramnani are importing ceremonial grade matcha directly from Tokyo, known for its unparalleled excellence, ensuring their customers have an authentic and unforgettable matcha experience, especially with the upcoming rains.

    The menu at Tokyo Matcha Bar features an enticing selection of matcha-infused teas and lattes. Customers can indulge in delightful options such as Matcha Vanilla Bean Latte, Matcha Honey Latte, Matcha Milk Tea, and Himalayan Pink Salt Matcha. For those seeking a frosty treat, Frappe choices include Matcha Frappuccino, Sea Salt Matcha Frappuccino, and Salted Caramel Matcha Frappuccino.

    They also caters to those in search of coolers with options like Valencia Orange Matcha, Tropical Matcha, Wild Berry Matcha Iced Tea, and Fresh Lime Matcha. Additionally, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy classics like Tokyo’s Americano, Tokyo’s Cappuccino, and Tokyo’s Latte.

    Matcha is celebrated for its numerous health benefits, and Tokyo Matcha Bar ensures that each product retains those benefits. Using ceremonial grade Matcha, the brand curates a daily ritual that supports overall well-being without compromising taste.

    Tokyo Matcha Bar is set to reshape the way matcha is appreciated and savored, making it a true delight for matcha enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs across India.


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