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Discover the Golden Times of Bruges with all your senses.- An innovative top tourist attraction


HISTORIUM BRUGGE is a unique, innovative experience that will whisk visitors back to medieval Bruges. This top tourist attraction will open on Bruges’ Market square in the fourth quarter of 2012.

HISTORIUM BRUGGE will be an international, trailblazing cultural and historical attraction, and is set to become one of Bruges’ major tourist destinations. Each year, Bruges welcomes over 4 million visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its perfect location, many of them will find their way to HISTORIUM BRUGGE.

HISTORIUM BRUGGE will bring the past alive for visitors. The historically inspired and experience-oriented set-up will speak to all their senses. This is because HISTORIUM BRUGGE will be a sensory experience: visitors will not just see and hear the past – they will also be able to taste, feel and smell it.

HISTORIUM BRUGGE shines a spotlight on the Bruges of yesteryear. The attraction shows visitors how the citizens of Bruges lived during the city’s Golden Age, what the city looked like and who you might have bumped into on the street. This is an accessible, but above all, fascinating way in which to teach both young and old about Bruges’ rich history and cultural charm.

By presenting Bruges’ cultural heritage to a broader public, HISTORIUM BRUGGE is filling a yawning gap in the area of culture and history. Experiencing how life was back then, will give visitors a better understanding of life today. They will become time travellers, as it were, looking back through the mists of the past while remaining solidly grounded in the modern world.

HISTORIUM BRUGGE wants to present itself as one of the most innovative heritage pioneers in Europe. This project is utterly unique to Bruges, Flanders, Europe and even the entire world.

Historians and top designers joined forces to create this innovative concept. Cutting-edge technology will also contribute to making HISTORIUM BRUGGE a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The attraction

A total concept told through a moving love story

HISTORIUM BRUGGE immerses visitors in the Middle Ages – 1435 to be precise. They will discover everything they want to know about Bruges and experience the city’s Golden Age as if they were there themselves. They will be carried away by an exciting and moving love story as they go, together with Jacob, in search of his beloved Anna. While doing so, they will be amazed by a filmic panorama of the bustling harbour, treated to a look around Van Eyck’s painting studio, surprised by suggestive smiles in the bath house and taken on a magical flight over the medieval city……

A unique, innovative 5S experience

Visitors to Historium Brugge will see, hear, smell, feel and taste the Bruges of 1435 in 7 themed rooms which recreate Bruges’ Golden Age. Film, decor, music and special effects merge to create a magical experience. The delicious scents in the bath house, the fluttering snowflakes in the streets of old Bruges, the water splashing against the quays of the bustling harbour….all the senses will be prickled during this unforgettable journey through the Bruges of 1435.

How, what and how long?

Historium Brugge totally immerses visitors in the Bruges of 1435, where they will receive answers to all their questions in a magnificent backdrop. Performances start every 4 to 5 minutes and last for 25 minutes. A maximum of 24 people will be admitted to each performance.Each visitor will experience the story through fully automatic audio guides.

They can choose from 9 languages (Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin).

The visit will last 1 hour in total. This gives plenty of time to follow the attraction up with a visit to the edutainment zone, the beer café with a panoramic view over the Market and the chocolate concept store.

Edutainment zone

After visiting the attraction which will take them on a unique journey through Bruges’ Golden Age, visitors can let all their impressions sink in in the edutainment zone, while learning more about the city’s medieval past. This is a perfect way to prepare for a visit to modern Bruges.

Practical and comfortable

There is also a  tourist office (antenna point Toerisme Brugge), an open air amphitheatre and assembly point for tourist guides, public toilets and locker rooms where visitors can leave their hand luggage.

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