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  • Discover the Timeless Delicacies of Dum Pukht at ITC Windsor Introducing a Richly Curated Menu with New Culinary Delights

    Published on June 15, 2024

    Bengaluru :- ITC Windsor is delighted to present the iconic Dum Pukht. The meticulously crafted menu, perfected over decades with age-old recipes and traditional cooking techniques will be showcased. Dum Pukht is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to preserving authentic and unique culinary experiences, a philosophy that aligns perfectly with ITC Hotels’ dedication to reviving ancient Indian culinary traditions.

    The new menu showcased by Master Chef Gulam M. Qureshi will feature a variety of dishes, including the legendary Kakori Kebabs, Jhinga Dum Nisha, Seekh Gilafi Dum Pukht, Mahi Dariya, Mahi Qaliya, Gucchi Sabz e Zar, Dum Pukht Koh e Awadh, Murgh Yakhani Pulao, Kesari Phirni etc.

    At Dum Pukht, each dish exemplifies meticulous attention to detail and culinary artistry refined over centuries, offering diners an unparalleled gastronomic journey into the heart of India’s royal heritage.

    “With a legacy of 42 years, the iconic ITC Windsor – A Luxury Collection Hotel has seamlessly integrated newer restaurants and cuisines, perfectly reflecting the culinary supremacy of ITC Hotels. With the revival of Dum Pukht, which blends tradition with its unique flair, we bring the best of Awadh to Bengaluru,” affirms General Manager Ms. Sabrina Dey.

    Ms. Sabrina Dey added, “ITC Windsor has witnessed numerous transformations over the past four decades, consistently adapting to new traditions and creating experiences that resonate with all our guests. At ITC Hotels, we pride ourselves on our culinary expertise, and our signature brands have always served the finest cuisines. “

    Dum Pukht at ITC Windsor promises a regal dining experience, bringing to life the intricate nuances of Awadhi cuisine through meticulously crafted slow-cooked recipes. As the recipient of Asia’s first Golden Fork Award, Dum Pukht stands as a beacon of Indian fine dining excellence, having created culinary history by reviving and elevating the ancient art of Dum cooking, a technique perfected in the royal courts of Awadh.

    The term ‘Dum’ translates to ‘breathe in,’ while ‘Pukht’ means to cook. This unique cooking method employs a round, heavy-bottomed pot known as a handi, where food is tightly sealed and cooked over a slow flame. The Dum Pukht style of cooking is characterized by two main techniques: bhunao (roasting) and dum (maturing). In this culinary tradition, herbs and spices play an essential role, with slow roasting carefully coaxing out their maximum flavour. The handi’s lid is sealed with dough, allowing the food to cook slowly in its own juices, thereby retaining all its natural aromas and infusing the dish with a rich, complex flavour profile that defines this distinguished cuisine.

    Under Chef Qureshi’s expert guidance, the cooking technique emphasizes minimal oil use, ensuring the dishes are light and non-greasy. Additionally, Dum Pukht employs fewer spices compared to traditional Indian recipes, allowing the natural flavours of high-quality ingredients to take centre-stage. This refined approach not only honours the essence of Indian culinary heritage but also caters to contemporary palates, presenting a sophisticated and healthier rendition of classic Indian dishes.

    Dum Pukht at ITC Maurya is one of the most awarded restaurants and is also operational in ITC Maratha, ITC Kohenur, and ITC Sonar.


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