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Discover your child’s inner talent at Playseum, the best children’s museum in Mumbai

 Summer vacations are here and Playseum – India’s first-ever children’s Museum invites all its little friends to indulge in exciting exhibits.

Here are 5 recommended exhibits that kids will surely enjoy. So buckle up your seats and unleash the child in you with these 5 exhibits.

1) Ninjago Dojo Academy: Dive into the ultimate Ninjago experience with five thrilling exhibits, including Lego making, focus training, strength training, concentration training, and reflex training. Meet Ninjas and explore the Lego display wall showcasing the entire Ninjago series. Unleash your inner warrior and ignite creativity!

2) Build Your Coaster: Design, test, and perfect your own coaster. Learn about force, energy, friction, and stability while creating different coaster designs. How many unique coasters can you build?

3) Fossil Finder: Become a palaeontologist and discover fossils while enhancing confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Dive into the world of science and history through hands-on exploration.

4) Farm Fair: Learn about healthy foods, how they’re grown, processed, and delivered. Perfect for curious minds interested in food origins and its impact on health.

5) Art Arc: Foster creativity and imagination through various artistic mediums. Express yourself and explore your artistic abilities in a fun and engaging environment. Happy Hoppers activity also helps develop social skills like sharing, taking turns, and effective communication.

Young adventurers are in for a treat with these five exciting exhibits. From unleashing their inner Ninjago warrior to designing thrilling coasters, discovering fossils, learning about healthy foods, and expressing creativity through art, there’s something for every curious mind and playful spirit.

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