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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:20:19
  • DishiS Jewel diversifies its product line and enters the sterling silver jewellery segment. The renowned D2C brand has introduced its first-ever sterling silver ring collection, featuring an array of contemporary designs inspired by elements of nature and mottled in various shades of exquisite colours. DishiS Jewels’ effervescent rings have been meticulously curated to provide quality jewellery at an affordable price, which is available in its e-commerce store and various online outlets.

    The DishiS Jewel’s first-ever sterling silver jewellery line is inspired by elements found in nature, such as flower petals, raindrops, and leaves. Some pieces have diamond accents, while others have simple designs with a modern appearance. The stunning collection of rings comprises 30–40 pieces crafted with great attention to detail. Also, the debut jewellery line offers designs in multiple styles, such as spiral bands, stackable rings, and eternity bands, with a price range starting from approximately Rs. 1,200 to 7,800.

    Taking into account the growing need for affordable yet trendsetting jewellery, Dishi Somani, founder and CEO of DishiS Jewels quoted, Our brand-new jewellery line, which marks our entry into the sterling silver market, combines contemporary styles with avant-garde materials to create a timeless appeal. Every piece of jewellery in the DishiS Jewel line is meticulously designed to provide access to quality jewellery to all individuals at an affordable price. Whether a customer wants a straightforward piece or a striking design, we hope the new range of rings will satisfy their needs perfectly.

    Thus, every piece of jewellery created by DishiS Jewels is framed, designed, and built in accordance with the most recent fashions and dynamics, which gives you access to one of the most elegant and alluring jewellery collections to enhance your scenic look.

    Apart from its sterling silver ring pieces, the prestigious jewellery brands also intend to launch a new line of sterling silver jewellery with cutting-edge designs. This new jewellery collection is anticipated to set trends and be stylish while maintaining a classic appeal.


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