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  • Monday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:42:04
  • In this digital era where everything is available online its essential to be agile if you want your business venture to succeed.

    Meet Divesh Gupta, a young entrepreneur who is the founder of the fastest growing digital marketing platform “Neusul”. Born in New Delhi 1996, Divesh has studied in Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School, Sagarpur, New Delhi. After his education he decided to follow his heart and pursue a career in digital marketing. There is no professional course available for this field, and the courses available did not help much. But the young man didn’t giveup and decided to learn it the hard way. He joined different digital marketing firms and worked there as an intern and employee. He learnt everything he could and became a specialist in Google Analytics, Facebook ads, SEO & website traffic management.

    Divesh now had the skills and his spirit to work towards his goal of starting his company in the industry. In 2020 he met Waqar Ahmed who is another tech prodigy from Pakistan. They met online and shared their ideologies which were quite analogues. In 2021 Divesh and Waqar established their own digital marketing firm “Neusul”. The company had its high and lows during the lockdown but the diligence and agility of the young entrepreneurs made it a success.

    The most essential ingredient in the recipe of success is commitment and consistence, which Divesh never gave up. He started from zero investment and today he is the owner of India’s best serving digital marketing company.

    Excellent tactics, an understanding of consumer behaviour, sales, and marketing are all required for a successful organisation. However, without qualities like tenacity, drive, hard effort, enthusiasm, and resilience, these aren’t always the greatest. Through content curation, social media marketing, and other services, Neusul  has had a significant impact on thousands of people’s lives. Divesh Gupta had to go through a lot of ups and downs in order to make the business effective and functional on a large scale.


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