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Divine Malaysian experience

Mumbai : For a travelling foodie, Ramadan is an awesome time to be in Malaysia. Be it Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah or the beautiful island of Langkawi; foodies travelling toMalaysia during Ramadan are bound to see less and eat more.

 As the Holy month of Ramadan sets in, Hotels and restaurants across Malaysia prepare themselves for a fascinating spread of gastronomy with traditional recipes from across Malaysia and special Ramadan buffet packages.Hundredsof cooks line up outside mosques in Kuala Lumpur, preparing BuburLambok, a fragrant, creamy rice porridge with slow-cooked beef offered at mosques after Asar prayers.It would be worthwhile to imagine if fasting actually keeps Malaysia hungry or offers them an opportunity to indulge in a gastronomical extravaganza.

An experience second to none, “BerbukaPuasa” which literally means “to open the fast” in Malaysia, is an enriching indulgence. During Ramadan, streets across Malaysia are flooded with food stalls emanating the aroma of delicious dishes like Murtabak and NasiKerabu.With Malay, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Western cuisines around in plentiful sums, picking the right option can get confusing.

This is the normal scenario in Malaysia.  A simple walk along any road can present you with the choice of an array of dishes that all represent a specific part of the country’s culinary heritage. What’s more, the vendor you buy from is no doubt a culinary expert who has been making that single dish for most of his/her life, and now has it down to an art form. While the usual amount of street food might be impressive in itself, at Ramadan whole new bazaars set up, lining the street and offering every type of food imaginable, from light snacks to more fulfilling meals.

Since most tourists to Malaysia land in Kuala Lumpur, The TuankuAbdurRahman Bazaar and Taman TunDr Ismail Bazaarare must visit food streets in Ramadan. Bejeweled with lights, they offer some of the best foodie experiences withcuinary delights dishes like the Ketupat (rice dumplings), RendangDaging (curried meat with hollowed bamboo rice) IkanBakar (very spicy grilled fish), Nasi Tomato with AyamMasakMerah (tomato pulao with honeyed chicken), KuihTepungPelita (a must-try rice based dessert) and PulutPanggang (grilled rice in banana leaves) amongst some very traditional Malay recipes.

Traversing across Malaysia during Ramadan fills the traveler’s minds with new and unique experiences of traditional Malay hospitality. Of course, the renowned Malaysian satay and other popular dishes also feature heavily during Ramadan. Truth be told, the beauty at this time of year is not in any one particular dish – it lies in the sheer amount and variety of food available on every corner. It really is no exaggeration to say every type of Malaysian food imaginable is waiting to be guzzled on.

Source  : Sachin Murdeshwar

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