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  • –              To be held at 18th February  6.30 pm at  Sarjapur Main Road, Carmelaram, Bangalore the session is free and open to the public –

    Divya Chikitsa Mantras session is set to be held at Bangalore on the 18th February. The Session will be conducted by Guru ji of Dhyan Foundation at 6.30 pm at  Sarjapur Main Road, Carmelaram, Bangalore . The session is free and open to the public.

    Through this session, Guru ji will share natures secrets to the perfect health, glow and radiance of vedic rishis under the topic of Divya Chikitsa. He is an expert in Vedic healing and has been studying and researching on the vedic sciences for the last three decades.

    Commenting on the same, Guru ji said “while most of the ancient vedic healing sciences are lost in the dust of kaliyuga and most herbs have become extinct, a fraction of them still can be accessed and even that fraction is enough to achieve amazing results,” says Guru ji of Dhyan Ashram. “The human body is not what you greet in the mirror every morning, there are multiple layers to it. And it is not the food and air that runs your body, the body is governed by consciousness. Vedic masters were able to tap into this science of consciousness and affected changes in the body through that.” 

    You might have heard of Sanjeevani Vidya given by Guru Shukracharya, that could bring back the dead to life, or that there existed a certain herb called Sanjeevani buti, which brought back Lakshman to life. You may have also heard of the Madhu Vidya or Brahmavidya as possessed by Sage Dadhichi which could enable one to attain immortality, or the Chyawanprasha prepared by the Ashvini Kumars to restore the youth of Sage Chyawan. These are not tales or works of fiction, the vedic rishis were masters of Creation, the human body being a microscopic part of that. The proof that these were not fiction lies in the fact that most of the modern scientific discoveries have come from the vedic shastras, you may see our website  www.dhyanfoundation.com to know which scientific discovery has come from which shastra.


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