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  • DJ DYNAMIKE – Timmy Trumpet ftDimatik – PUNJABI Remix song came in Spinnin Records Contest #28

    Published on January 30, 2023

    Richard Dimonti aka DJ Dynamike! Born & brought up in the Oxford of the East, Pune. He started DJ’ing at the age of 21.  With hours and years of practice and with a deep level of musical knowledge of the dance that a DJ is spinning for mixing, creating and more. DJ’ing isn’t easy. Watching massive commercial dance music broadcast festival on YouTube encouraged the teen to learn how to do mixing, extend those beats and hence a technical artist was born who is widely known as DJ DYNAMIKE.

    Little do we know that a DJ is a life and driving force of any festival? DJ Dynamike went on to win all battles from behind the booth, with one headphone on, mixing up a crazy storm, playing tracks that make the crowd groove and dance to his tunes.

    “Richard shares that his fans are his motivating factor to stay up late at night to create those massive set’s for his audience, keeping them engaged and taking them on a journey and also that DJ’ing helps him meet likeminded people sharing the same interests especially music”. DJ Dynamike has the ability to make the music flow naturally and effortlessly in a way that is pleasing to the ears and always has the love for his passion and to maintain the energy levels needed at an event.

    DJ Dynamike started learning music production from online paltform like Youtube he was always inclined towards Electronic music Festival & live shows. He is very passionate about his music and he participated in  his 1st contest in the worlds biggest record lable which is Spinnin Records.

    He released his first remix “Timmy Trumpet ftDimatik – PUNJABI Remix” on the biggest dance music label “Spinnin Records Contest and “Punjabi” which was supported by big artists like “Timmy Trumpet “, “Ftampa” , “Dimatik” etc. This song started running worldwide #28 on Spinnin Records Contest.

    DJ’ing is also an art from just like dance but more technical, it takes years of practice and understanding of music to produce groovy remixes like Timmy Trumpet ftDimatik – PUNJABI Remix. DJ Dynamike eats, sleeps & breathes music DJ’ing is not just his passion but his religion. His vision is to put Pune DJ’ing on the world map, in his signature style. Now the time has come that we appreciate DJ Dynamike and the hard-work he’s put in!

    Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dynamikemusic/?hl=en


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