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  • Djordje Novakovic and his company, Iconix Investments, are making waves in the industry. Here’s why!

    Published on December 1, 2022

    A prodigy based in Switzerland, Djordje Novakovic has made a name for himself in the fields of investments and marketing and is hailed by everyone. He gives all due credit to his desire to do a lot more than a 9-to-5 job with a company helping them make money.

    Djordje Novakovic believed in himself and worked hard to become a jack of all trades. Djordje earned his bachelor’s degree in Switzerland at HEC University in Lausanne and his master’s degree in investment and risk finance in the United Kingdom.During his studies, he started to invest for himself, which allowed him to open his mind and discover many people who helped him open his own marketing agency.

    Djordje Novakovic is not just a marketing guru but also a high-scale investor in the real estate and crypto markets. Novakovic owns six hot properties and has 14 digits of funds invested in both markets. Due to his extensive experience in marketing, Djordje also worked on 2 NFT projects, helping them grow an organic and solid community in order to sell out their project.

    Novakovic has assisted clients of all sizes, both large and small, in achieving a profitable return on their investments.His company, Iconix Investments, has generated over 16 million in the marketing industry and has allowed him to work with the biggest celebrities in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

    By being an enthusiastic investor and strategy expert, Novakovic has diversified his portfolio, owning many assets. He believes that the best way to enhance your wealth is to spread your income across many investments.


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