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D’MONDE Members Club hosts the Miss World Contestants for Exclusive Soiree Event in New Delhi

New Delhi : D’MONDE, the capital’s exclusive luxe members club is delighted to announce an avant-garde event featuring the prestigious Miss World organisation. This event surpasses traditional norms, perfectly blending the core of Miss World’s philosophy of “Beauty with a Purpose” with D’MONDE Members Club, which manifests living as an art form, a world of lifestyle, art, and fashion. 

With this event D’MONDE has embarked on a mission to set new global standards of excellence. D’MONDE is a revered private member’s club that is well known for its elegance and refinement. It wholeheartedly aligns with Miss World’s mission to promote beauty, lifestyle, and artistic expression with purpose. This happening marks a cultural convergence which reflects that the iconic destination’s values flawlessly create a powerful platform to champion the Miss World’s vision of brilliance. The soirée was a remarkable tribute to the empowering beauty that outshines borders and cultures, meticulously curated by Global strategic partner of Miss World, Mr Jamil Saidi.

Seen in attendance at the private members club were exclusive members, alongside women from around the globe. As a private members club, D’MONDE takes pride in its meticulous profiling process, ensuring an exclusive membership that includes the crème de la crème of society, as was seen at the event. 

The soirée extends this exclusivity to the global stage, with a total of 115 contestants and pageant organisers including Ms. Julia Morely joining D’MONDE’s elite guest list, featuring individuals of extraordinary influence and affluence. This event was a momentous occasion in the world of luxury, and the club looks forward to more such global integrations in the future, aiming to redefine the standards of global primness.

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