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  • DocsApp records massive growth with 30 lakhs online consultations in the last financial year

    Published on May 7, 2020

    by Sachin Murdeshwar

    The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, in a big, bold way the importance and relevance of online doctor consultations. With access to OPD services and physicians in general not being easy and the fear of contacting the virus if one steps out of the house, online healthcare has been embraced by the masses as the need of the hour. DocsApp has been the pioneer in this space and continues to be at the forefront of this movement by making access to doctors available to as many Indian homes as possible.


    DocsApp, one of the first online doctor consultation platforms in India, started in 2015. Back then helping patients connect with doctors online was a whole new concept in the healthcare industry. Over the years, DocsApp has revolutionised the healthcare space by adding new channels of communication to connect patients and doctors. This has cemented its position as India’s most preferred medical app. Today, DocsApp enables a person to talk to a specialist doctor, within minutes from any part of India. Patients can connect with specialist doctors across 20 medical categories including dermatology, gynaecology, psychiatry, general medicine and more.


    Post-COVID, DocsApp provides high-quality healthcare to over 3,60,000 every month depicting that a vast number of  Indians have adopted and appreciate the new age, online way to consult with doctors. In the last financial year, the platform has provided more than 30 lakhs online doctor consultations.

    As a part of its ongoing Series B Funding, DocsApp recently raised $9.5 Mn (INR 72.5 Cr) from Bessemer Venture Partners India, Fusian Capital, Rebright Partners and Milliways Fund LLC. Given the Covid-19 Pandemic, the digital healthcare platform will utilize the funding in further strengthening its doctor base, patient reach and develop its product to move a step closer to its mission of providing quality healthcare to all.


    Seamless integration of technology helps the patients talk to a doctor over a voice or video call in their mother tongue. At present DocsApp provides consultations in all Indian languages. Since its inception, DocsApp has touched the lives of more than 2 Crore Indians. More than 10,000 doctors are registered with DocsApp to help patients across the country. Over the last year, DocsApp has delivered medicines to more than 2 lakh Indians in a safe and secure manner and done 1 lakh home pick of samples for lab tests. The breadth and reach of the platform across 90% of Indian pin codes is an indication of the widespread acceptance of telemedicine and how the platform has been a boon to individuals living outside the big cities.


    The force behind DocsApp is the dedicated team of professionals headed by their dynamic CEO and Co-founder Satish Kannan. He says, “The outlook that we as a team share is that, with technology by our side we are able to provide quality healthcare access to millions of people. What motivates us is the direct impact that we create in making our customers’ lives healthy and happy. To overcome the current challenging times, we will continue to help more patients across the country. We are working towards making consults easier for our customers by providing services in the most remote areas of our country.”


    Showcasing its responsiveness to consumer needs and as a tool to manage the COVID situation, DocsApp has added a special feature, in the form of an exclusive medical department dedicated to Coronavirus, where consultation is provided free of cost. This initiative has, so far, prompted 40K queries from all over the country.  DocsApp has also partnered with various accredited labs to provide COVID-19 lab test for residents in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka, Haryana, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. DocsApp has also launched a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Tool to help individuals assess the level of possibility of them being affected. This innovative tool, based on simple inter-active questions, generates a risk score based on an individual’s symptoms.


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