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  • Doctors at Aware Global Hospitals give a new lease of life to an ‘almost dead’ man

    Published on January 22, 2021

    Hyderabad: A team of multi-disciplinary experts at Aware Global Hospitals gave a new lease of life to an accident victim who was brought to the hospital in an ‘almost dead’ health condition! It was the effort of doctors from multiple departments who ensured the victim was pulled out of the jaws of death.

    The victim, 60-year-old Mohan, was rushed to the emergency ward of the hospital, after he met with an accident near Nakrekal town (about 100 kms from Hyderabad). Initial assessment indicated he was a victim of polytrauma condition with multiple fractured long bones, ribs, injury to head, and rupture to liver & lung trauma. The patient’s pulse rate and blood pressure levels were in low and not recordable.

    Commenting on the victim’s condition, Dr V V Satyanarayana E, Aware Global Hospitals, who led the team of experts in treating the patient said, “Most under-equipped healthcare facilities would give-up hope in such a situation. However, the team of experts at Aware Global Hospitals took up the challenge to initially stabilize the patient’s condition and then treat him. After Stabilizing the patient for a couple of days, the patient was stabilised and then the process of treatment was initiated.”

    “Post stabilizing the patient, the team comprising of Emergency Critical Physician,  Anaesthetists, Orthopedician, Gastroenterologist, Neurosurgeon, Pulmonologist and other well-trained members played a well-coordinated role to treat multiple damages caused in the accident. The entire treatment process took 4-5 days, before the patient was pulled out of critical condition. The patient was discharged as he started to walk with support of crutches. The patient is under post-treatment follow-up and should be able to walk without any support in few weeks,” added Dr V V Satyanarayana E

    A trauma centre must be equipped to treat such high-risk injuries and must offer extensive care to help victims of major accidents or severe burns. Aware Global Hospitals is a well-equipped trauma care centred with 24×7 access to resources like specialized advanced trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, anaesthetist, critical care, radiologists etc. Specially trained nursing and support staff at the hospital compliment the efforts of specialists in pulling patients out of high-risk health conditions.

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