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Does Mayonnaise lead to heart attack

 People in the current generation believe that eggs contain high amount of protein and consuming in different forms can increase their protein intake on daily basis. People also have a thought that Mayonnaise is made with eggs. So mayonnaise is also an alternate dip for every snack.  

Mayonnaise is mostly consumed with Fried Chicken, Pasta, Shawarma, Burgers, Fried snacks etc. People knew that mayonnaise is not healthy but not about the health side effects caused because of eating mayonnaise. 

Consuming mayonnaise on regular basis can also lead to Food poisoning, Stomach cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, etc. There is also information that there were several deaths reported in the country due to regular consumption of mayonnaise. Several countries such as France have banned mayonnaise due to several health safety measures and in India Kerala has stopped the production of raw egg mayonnaise

So, we wanted to pitch a story on “Is Mayonnaise considered as a Health Hazard” as we have experts from MGM Healthcare to talk regarding this issue and spread awareness to the people on the same.

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